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2017 is Coming to a Chilly End

Frigid. That’s an apt way to describe the last week of the year. We reached a high of about -2F / -19C on Christmas Day, and today, December 28th, we finally climbed above zero to a balmy 12 degrees. The … Continue reading

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Wishy Washy Winter

I see I last wrote on “Blizzard Eve,” and come it did. As predicted the rain turned to sleet, the sleet turned to snow, and the snow turned into a swirling blizzard. Somewhere between six inches to one foot piled … Continue reading

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The Calf Barn

Winter is rolling right along, and we’ve almost made it through the generally cold and unforgiving month of January. Truth? January hasn’t been that bad this year. We had a few cold snaps of solidly below zero, but this last … Continue reading

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Cold Is

Cold is… – When the engine on your utility vehicle is constantly revving up because the accelerator keeps freezing down. – When your vision is impaired, not because of blowing wind and snow, but because of the icicles formed on … Continue reading

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An Update on Pepé Le Pew, The Cow

The air is dark and velvety thick with steam. As you look closer through the haze you can see the contended swish of a tail and consistent cud chewing of numerous cows. The temperature hovers around -15 F outside, and … Continue reading

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