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When asked about my running background I generally say I’ve been running somewhat consistently since my best friend convinced me to join the track team in 7th grade. I ran hurdles and some sprints on the track, got a lot of skinned up knees, and eventually became a track drop-out. I balanced lots of activities and work in high school, so running got left behind because I simply wasn’t very good at it.

Fast forward to college, and I morphed into more of a casual jogger. I didn’t run far or fast, but I  did keep at it.



Back in 2009 I muddled my way through training for my first half marathon. I finished exhausted but ready for more. I had also finally discovered that I am indeed suited for mid and long distance events. I try to keep balance/sanity/enjoyment in mind, especially in the midst of busy farm life, so sometimes I take a week off running or go 6 months without a race. Other times I have a big goal race I go after with all I’ve got. I hope running can be a lifetime journey for me, and I’m grateful for the blessings it continually helps me discover.

Personal bests:

  • 5K– 23:10 – February 2012 + November 2014
  • 7K – 37:50 – March 2018 (w/ stroller)
  • 10K – 50:19 – July 2017
  • 10 Mile – 1:24:13 – October 2014
  • Half-Marathon – 1:50:38 – April 2014
  • 20 Mile – 2:58:30 – May 2015
  • Marathon – 3:57:56 – May 2015

Yearly Running Recaps

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Running through 2017






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