Vernal Equinox and Holy Week

Spring officially sprung today, and I was struck by the irony of my view the past two mornings. We had a few inches of snow Friday night, and we woke up to a white world on Saturday. It got just warm enough on Saturday afternoon to melt most of the evidence. This first morning of spring dawned crisp and cool but snow-free with hues of gold, brown, and hints of green.

In other news, I am still pregnant and happily waiting for baby. In spite of my sore back and heavy belly I hope baby stays put for a few more weeks! The carpet for the freshly painted nursery is coming tomorrow, so hopefully I’ll have a (mostly) finished room to show you all soon. 

Wishing you and yours happy spring and a blessed Palm Sunday. As we enter Holy Week I hope you can take some time to ponder both the solemnity of the journey to the cross and the amazing joy that Easter brings. 

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Spring Days

All indications are pointing to an early spring this year. Normally I try   not to assume a lot in March – because March can definitely be a month of blizzards – but it’s been mild enough for several weeks to melt every speck of snow and take most of the frost out of the ground. 

The forecast shows the warm trend continuing for the next few weeks, and by the end of March I suspect our danger of a heavy snow actually sticking around long is small.

My belly continues to expand as the weather warms, and the cows are even starting to notice it now that it’s not buried under jackets. 

Okay, I doubt the cows actually notice my growing belly, but this lady was looking at it!

I also love the melted off landscape and extending daylight because it makes it easier for me to run. I’m still waddling a few miles several times per week, and I plan to keep at it unless things don’t feel right. I continue stretching and doing yoga when I can in addition to a lot of walking and activity on the farm, and I think these things have helped my running stay reasonably comfortable. 

About four miles has become my new max over the past month, and I admit I miss longer spring runs because normally I’m training for a marathon or half marathon at this time of year. I’m definitely at peace with it though, and I don’t feel the need to ‘prove’ anything by running for multiple hours. I admire women who keep up longer distances throughout pregnancy, but I’m tired enough, busy enough, and unwieldy enough that it’s not for me. 

I took this picture a few mornings ago on my favorite gravel road, and I’m happy to still be out enjoying it.

Happy spring to you, and I hope you’re enjoying the sights, smells, and sounds of new life this spring as much as we are here in Minnesota. It is a time of new blessings, fresh growth, and much to be thankful for. 

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Baby Stuff

This title isn’t very fancy, but I thought it was time to update the blog with some baby stuff.

I will be 34 weeks on Friday, and our baby continues to grow (and thrash and kick) and generally make his or her presence known. I suspect space is getting tight! I love the baby kicks because fortunately they’re not too uncomfortable for me yet.

I’m definitely tired and have a heavy, sore belly by the end of the day, but overall I’m grateful I can still do most of my normal stuff. Swelling is still non-existent, but I should probably knock on wood as I say that.

We are slowly getting our home ready for this new little person, and in the nursery we have fresh drywall – which we stubbornly did ourselves – that’s ready for paint. I also have quite a few things still sitting in their shipping boxes waiting to be assembled: the crib, Bob stroller, car seat… 


Behold, the nursery. JR did most of the mudding, and I did most of the sanding. We truthfully haven’t updated much of our house since we moved in, so this was a good excuse to tear out 1970’s-era paneling and make some small progress. I don’t think baby will actually care, but at least we have one less room to tackle! I’ll post an actual before and after once we make it to the after.

Winter has been kind to us so far, and we haven’t had too much extra work at the farm from snow or cold. I think we’ve only had to push snow two or three times and thaw a tiny section of frozen pipe in the old barn once. That may be a record since I’ve been here, and I appreciate the timing.

The countryside is already brown and melted off here, but I remind myself some years we do get plenty of snow in March and even April. The cattle, people, and dogs around here all like the mellow February weather.

And if you’re curious, here’s me around 32 and 33 weeks. I do think the random bathroom shots are dorky, but I never have a photographer handy when I get the urge to document this pregnancy! 


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Valentine’s Day 

No matter how you do (or don’t) celebrate Valentine’s Day, I hope you enjoy these sweet faces from the farm.

They would love to be your Valentine!


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Seven Years

February 7, 2016. Today marks seven years of marriage for us. It makes me feel both older than I am and very young in the bigger picture of things!

We’re having a pretty normal Sunday at the farm, but hopefully we’ll either do dinner or a movie tonight to celebrate. Or maybe just watch the Super Bowl with friends. (We should continue working on the drywall and floor in the nursery, but  we’re making decent enough progress. Sort of. Tomorrow will be another day.)

This anniversary also feels different because we will be parents in just a few short months. Or sooner. 

31 weeks

They say a baby will change everything, and I don’t doubt the truth of that. Still, I hope it won’t change for the worse the strength and the bond we’ve built in our marriage these past seven years. I expect we’ll have new and different challenges, and maybe more of them, but I pray God will always allow us to see the blessings in the middle of hardest times. 

Lack of sleep, a messy house, a fussy baby, and hormones galore are only some of the things I know will come our way. And I’d appreciate your insight on whethering any or all of them! But I know we have a lot of support from our families and within our marriage to lean on, and somehow we too will figure out the ins and outs of parenting.

I didn’t really expect we’d be married seven years before we had a baby, but the timing is right. If anything I feel unprepared, so thankfully my plan isn’t the biggest plan. I thank God that His plan is bigger. 

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