Baby’s First Race

The town I grew up in has a 5K and 10K race every year over Fourth of July weekend, and I’d been eyeing it for awhile as Griffin’s first race. He loves riding in the Bob stroller and the miles are good for both of us. As long as the weather wasn’t stormy or unbearably hot we would go for it.
My running still hasn’t exactly been consistent, but I knew I could muddle my way through 3 miles. (Yes, definitely taking the 5K option this year!)
I stayed with my parents the night before and one of my sisters drove me to the start so I wouldn’t have to wrestle a car seat and Bob stroller on the bus. Point to point course.

It was a beautiful low humidity morning, though the sun warmed things up enough that I was still a sweaty mess by the end. G slept most of it and opened his eyes at me for only a few minutes in the middle. 

The only downside was the course is mostly on a bike path. I started in the back to be polite, but it was really narrow to weave through all the walkers for the first mile. My main goal was just to run a consistent pace and keep my baby happy, but I secretly hoped to be under 30 minutes. It wasn’t chip timed, so that didn’t help my cause. The race wasn’t huge though with only about 150 people.

I tried not to look at time too much, but I was happy with a 9:09 first mile. Final official time was 28:17, so I’m in a little better shape than I thought. And I was first place woman with stroller; if that would have been a category. 

My sister walked the 5K with her son, husband, and baby on the way. I think they were the true winners on Saturday!

Here’s some more scenes of all the fun.๐Ÿ™‚

This week we are in major project mode at our house, we’re working away on the farm, and we are trying to get ready for baptism on Sunday. I’ve already wondered several times if I’ll survive the week, and the fact that we’ve just torn apart our upstairs bathroom doesn’t help.๐Ÿ˜‰ I know we will survive though, and I’m looking forward to celebrating the gift of baptism. I’ll check in with you next week with more photos! 


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Pictures and a Winner!

It’s been a busy stretch at the farm and at home, so I appogize for not announcing the cow socks winner sooner. I’m sure you’ve all been on the edge of your seats.๐Ÿ˜‰

I use to select a winner, and the lucky one is comment number 4 from Jill W. Watch your email for a note from me, and I will get your information. Thanks to everyone who participated! 

With that I’ve just got a few photos for you. 

Who doesn’t like a good baby and mom photo?? 

While doing a ton of yard work this weekend I started hacking apart an overgrown arborvitae near our porch. Or rather, growing into our porch. As I pulled back a branch I saw this beautiful little nest. I quit cutting and left the rest intact. I hope these little robins hatch soon, and once they move out I can go back to my tree trimming!

Just for good measure, here’s our little man who seems to grow taller every single day! 

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Life is Beautifulย 

I think I might be running slower now than I did with my 8 month pregnant belly. I say 8 months because I delivered a few weeks early, and I think my last run was almost a week before he was born. 

In any case, I’m not returning to speed quickly. I’m often pushing a running stroller on my runs now and even if I’m not my body does not feel fast. I decided it’s healthy to run slow and re-condition my cardiovascular system anyway. It’s helpful I can rationalize.๐Ÿ™‚ And my lovely nurse and doctor reminded me last week I’m only two months post-partum and need to be realistic. 

I feel pulled in a lot of directions right now, and I often think about how I should be cleaning (all the things) in the house, working on the yard/garden, organizing baby stuff, writing thank you’s, connecting with friends, being more involved / volunteering, or working on an endless list of actual work stuff for the farm. Or how I just want to sit down and cuddle my little baby. 

But running with the Bob stroller accomplishes several things. It lets me bond with and talk to G (or watch him sleep), and it helps me feel like myself. Even though I do get exercise at the farm I really crave time in my running shoes. No matter how physically tired I am I feel better when I manage several morning runs during the week. I’d like to say everyday, but that’s not happening yet.

Life can sometimes turn into a push and pull against lots of to-do’s, but I’m trying to find joy in more of those to-do’s. I can run, enjoy my baby, care for the animals, connect with my husband, and still keep my head above water at home, right? 

And even when I’m wrong and we end up with giant weeds in the yard and a garage too full to currently park in, I can still be joyful. Eventually the really important things get done, and if I put family first everything will balance out for the best. I’m especially grateful that caring for the little man doesn’t really feel like work. Even if I’m a tad stressed, I don’t feel like G adds to the stress. He makes me happy and makes me better. 

Some scenes from the past few weeks. The only one I have a caption for is the last one. These are “the boys of the house.” And I love them all to pieces! 

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Everybody Wants Spotted Cow Socks (A Giveaway!)


Who wouldn’t want spotted cow socks?

Last time I wrote I mentioned how my brain is a little rusty on writing a coherent and timely post. (The post partum fog is real and hard to shake! But oh so worth every minute.) I feel like I’m even more rusty on writing a good review. It’s been awhile. 

But when something this cool shows up in my mailbox I don’t need my finest words. I can let pictures do some talking.


These black and white knee highs are classic, and I had to try them on as soon as they arrived. Functionally I like them really well. They are thin enough to feel cool and comfortable but thick enough to be durable. The fabric is a cotton blend with a soft, fine feel. They nicely “hug” my legs without being too tight thanks to a touch of Lycra. 

As far as wearing goes I have lots of ideas for these. They would go well under tall boots or basic jeans for daily wear, and they would also be a fun addition for dressing up if you needed a country, cow, or animal theme. 

I also think they would pair well with my Team Dairy and Team Chocolate Milk gear for running races.

Wouldn’t my socks look more festive in cow spot? While these are not true athletic compression socks, they have a nice feel under my running shoes, and I’d definitely consider them for shorter or themed races. 

For my readers I’m happy to say I have a pair to giveaway. And what better day to give cow socks than June 1st, the start of June Dairy Month?

To enter simply leave a comment on this post by June 10th. You can also let me know if you’d like dark pink or blue. 

Giveaway will close at 11:59 p.m. CST on June 10, 2016. If you don’t win, or if you simply can’t wait to try some yourself, you can find them here from Socksmith, along with lots of other fun designs. 

I was provided free socks for this review and giveaway; all opinions are my own.

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8 weeks inย 

We are settling in. The new normal of being parents is actually starting to feel normal, and it’s pretty great.

Unfortunately my ability to write coherently –or write anything– about all these happy changes and moments seems to be nill. My brain and body are just tired whenever I want to capture a cool story, and I have more than a few unfinished drafts waiting for inspiration.

In the meantime, I’ll just give a quick rundown of the past month.

– Little dude is nearly 12 pounds. Holy cow! We’ve been the crazy new parents weighing him every week on our food/meat scale. 11 pounds 14 ounces yesterday. Whew!

– Last weekend my sisters hosted us a beautiful baby shower. It was so fun to have baby present to meet relatives and friends. Even though we had to buy a few extra things before his birth I wouldn’t have it any other way. (We did get lots of great hand-me-downs before his arrival too.)

-I got almost zero pictures from said shower because we were all too busy visiting. Oops. Here’s an attempt at a family photo we took later that day.


It was also great to have cousins and aunties visit over that weekend!

– We finished planting our fields several weeks ago and spring is quickly turning to summer. We’ll be cutting hay soon. It’s getting easier to do things at the farm with baby in tow, but most days I don’t have to. That’s because we started daycare. It felt early and soon and strange, but our provider is so wonderful. She helped me through the new mom questions, and is a perfect fit for us. This is such a blessing.

-The nursery is almost finished. Finally. ๐Ÿ˜„ We may not be the fastest, but it has proved challenging to fit in projects with a farm and a baby. When he arrived a few weeks early all we really had left was trim and baseboards plus curtains and decoration. Even a small room requires more trim than you’d think, and we sanded and finished it ourselves with a clear laquer. JR was more of the motivation behind new trim than me, but I do love the look of the bright, light wood. 

– It’s been challenging because his dresser still isn’t set up and baby stuff is temporarily stored everywhere, but we’ve made it work. Little dude is just about ready to move out of his bassinet in the main room into his own room and crib. Hopefully we’ll get the final trim up this week, and then I see if I have any energy left for decorations! 

– The crib is basically the only thing in the room to allow us space to finish working. The walls turned out more blue than we thought. We tried to pick a more silvery blue-grey color, but I actually love this. And little dude is a boy so it worked out!

– On the running front I’ve made it out for a slow jog exactly twice. It feels good to be out there, but he gets fussy so often in the early morning whenever I’m thinking of going. And sometimes I just can’t peel myself off the couch. In other excuses, the car seat adapter for my running stroller was out of stock for awhile and then I got sent the wrong one. But the correct one is supposed to show up TOMORROW. I’m excited to try it out, even if we start with walking.

-It’s amazing how much coffee I require these days, but my little dude is worth every lost minute of sleep. 


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