Meet Henrietta

We call her Etta for short, and she’s the official blog cow of Cow Spots and Tales!

Etta was born on September 20,2011, and I chronicle the happenings of her life here on my blog. It’s a way for you, my readers, to get an inside look at the life of a typical dairy cow on our farm.

1 week old!

Of course she’s a bit extra special because she’s the blog mascot, but all the animals on our farm get the same TLC as Etta does.

I’ve created a category just for her to make it easy for you to find posts and keep up with her. As with anything on my blog, if you’ve got any questions just ask!

Here’s a more grown-up shot of Henrietta in the barn. She’s pictured here at almost 3 years old.



On August 1, 2013, Etta gave birth for the first time. She had a little girl (heifer) calf, and her name was chosen from reader suggestions as Sophia. She appears to have just as much spunk as her mother!

20130809-133518.jpgBaby Sophia

Etta’s second calf, also a heifer, arrived on August 6, 2014. Readers again chimed in to help me name her, and she is little Lucille (Lucy).

20140826-220918.jpgBaby Lucy

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