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Gobble, Gobble: What’s up with Avian Influenza?

Avian influenza is in the news this spring, particularly if you live in the Midwest. I count many friends in the turkey community, and it’s honestly devastating to hear about flock after flock being infected. These birds aren’t just more … Continue reading

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Roasting A Christmas Goose

Well, geese would be more accurate because there were two. A few days before Christmas, JR and I decided it was finally time for the birds to go. The birds consisted of two geese and seven ducks living in our … Continue reading

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Emptier Spaces

Everything “opens up” in the fall. Trees lose their leaves and let through more light, wind, and weather. Crops are harvested, empty fields are plowed, and everything starts to look naked as it waits for the cover of snow. Our … Continue reading

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An Egg Each Day

Our egg cartons have been getting more colorful lately. We’ve been getting eggs from our little flock for about a month, and they are steadily getting larger and more numerous. When hens first start laying their eggs are quite small, … Continue reading

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They Do Grow Up

In spite of the oppressive heat here lately, 95+ many afternoons, September and fall weather are coming soon. Whenever my brain turns to autumn, I tend to think about how quickly the growing season has passed. Everything in our garden … Continue reading

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