Fall Thoughts and Announcements

Mid-November is by definition fall, but the weather a few weeks ago looked exactly like winter. We had our first measurable snows of the season, and Speedy was delighted by the white-coated roofs and stomping around in boots and snow pants.

Forty degrees has returned a few times since, so winter is not here to stay just yet.

Since I last wrote we survived through a busy stretch of corn silage harvest and fall field work, we moved the last of the cattle off pasture, and our family got two new nephews. Speedy ran his first race at the Twin Cities Marathon Toddler Trot (and Mom met professional runner Gabriele Grunewald!), and we took in the wonders of small town trick or treating.

We also celebrated Thanksgiving twice, and I heard many gleeful “gobble, gobble!” noises from my 2-year-old whenever I even suggested he tell me what a turkey says.

I can not believe the Christmas and New Year holidays are now so close. The year felt long at points, but of course I’m not ready to see the calendar turn to the final month already.

I deeply love the holiday season, but I also feel exhausted, behind, disheveled, and unsure of how to make it memorable and happy the way it deserves to be. The farm work and office work never ends, and I often don’t know where to find the hours for the extra preparations. I keep attempting to guard and carve out the personal and family time I feel I need, and lately I’m coming up short. Sleep and exercise are the first things to give right now, and for December I pray for the peace to be okay with that.

January will bring a much anticipated and much loved new baby to our family!! I acknowledge that may be a logical reason for my exhaustion and generally frazzled feelings — in spite of how happy it makes me. I’m gratefully looking forward to meeting this baby, bringing it into our family, and watching Speedy as a big brother. He happily announces he’s getting a baby, and I hope he stays just as excited once it’s here.

August, 16 weeks

November, 31 weeks

Speedy has grown up so much since the summer, and my heart melts when he sweetly talks about playing with and helping with “his baby.” When I find myself strategizing over how all the necessary work will still get done, there he is thinking of the most important things. Clearly he provides just the perspective I need as we get closer to being parents of two.


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Hi, I'm Lisa. Dairy farmer's wife and Minnesotan to the core, I write about rural farm life, running down country roads, and the food, faith, and family that bind everything together. Follow along on my journey.
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