Mild March

Greetings on this fair Monday!

I suppose it’s not fair weather everywhere across the country, but here in the heartland it has been a mild few weeks. It seems hardly possible we were enduring 15 below zero during the first days of March because since then it has been sweatshirt weather — with short sleeve weather mixed in. Yesterday we nearly hit 70 degrees.

We didn’t have much snow to melt in the central part of Minnesota so the melt and accompanying mud has disappeared quickly. This is my kind of spring!


IMG_2062 Boo and Calvin also have spring fever!

You’d think I would be enjoying outdoor running more than ever, but instead I’m wondering why my body won’t cooperate. I started the year thinking a marathon and maybe even a 50K were in my future, but the past month has been a struggle. My hip flexors are sore, tight, and painful when I run too fast or too far. Then last week, I started having the same throbbing pain in my left shin that plagued me last spring.

Three weeks back I took almost a full week off, and I tentatively ran two miles the first day back. A few days later I went out for an hour easy run on the weekend. I felt better, but I know I’m still not 100%. It’s been up and down since then. I’m keeping my training at 2-3 easy to moderate runs during the week and going as far as I reasonably can on the weekend. I’m also doing some yoga, stretching, and core work throughout the week, which I should make time for everyday. I kept debating and assessing as I ran this past Saturday morning, but ultimately I knew I wanted to see how three hours felt.

The answer was not great. Nineteen miles and change later I had a very angry left leg, but my body and lungs felt in shape for the distance.

I wore my good compression socks in the barn (ug!) on Saturday afternoon to hug my sore shins, and I’ve decided this spring my race schedule will have to be “wait and see.” I’m not ruling anything out just yet, but some days I really wonder why I do this to myself.

The lows are hard, but I also know how glorious the highs are. 🙂

On Saturday I journeyed far down the bike trail, and while I was running in short sleeves I saw some brave fisherman still enjoying ice fishing on a smaller slough. The ice near the shore is far too thin to drive over, but you can pack up your gear and walk to a spot to drill your hole. If you’ve never been ice fishing on a beautiful spring day it really is neat. No need for a house and a heater when it’s 45 degrees! The big game fish aren’t in season anymore , but you can still catch tasty smaller fish. JR actually went out last weekend, and we enjoyed sunfish later for supper.

IMG_2070 Can you see those small black figures out on the ice? IMG_2068

This weekend also included a quick trip to my parent’s farm for Sunday dinner. We got to see our fast-growing nephew, Adam, who gets cuter every time I see him.




Wishing you all a great spring week! If you want to win some fun Team Chocolate Milk gear don’t forget to comment on this post by March 18th.

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Hi, I'm Lisa. Dairy farmer's wife and Minnesotan to the core, I write about rural farm life, running down country roads, and the food, faith, and family that bind everything together. Follow along on my journey.
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One Response to Mild March

  1. Suzanne says:

    Looks like it’s been a beautiful couple of weeks at your place! I’m so glad to finally have some warmer temps and sunshine.

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