One Quick Trip

This afternoon I looked out over a partly sunny fifteen degree day. I had a hard time reconciling the fact that this was supposed to be the warmest day of the week. I won’t complain though because this has still been a more mild winter than the last few. I’ll just put on more layers and drink more coffee!


This winter also features a travel record of sorts. Last month you already heard we were in Mexico, and this month we landed in Florida for two and a half days. Normally we stay home in the deep freeze all winter, so this was a welcome blessing. JR had the opportunity to do some training for a new machine (more on that later) with John Deere, and we decided we should try to make it work.

Conveniently enough, the trip also fell just a few days after our wedding anniversary. We flew into Orlando on Wednesday about noon and made it back home on Friday before the sun set.

Wouldn’t you know I didn’t get a single picture of JR and me in Florida? (I do have some nice scenery coming up though!) We had a great time, and we got to meet and visit with many other farmers from across the Midwest. While the training group was in the field on Thursday I had a rare day all to myself. The weather was cooler than I expected, and I took advantage of the beautiful 45 degree weather to run for several hours. At first I was frustrated by all the turns, stop lights, and dead ends, but eventually I stumbled into a city park where I could enjoy the views and run uninterrupted loops.



You’d better believe I soaked my feet in the pool and savored some milk when I finished.


In the afternoon I rented a tiny blue car and followed the Florida Turnpike west to see my friend Jena. She’s a fellow runner and blogger and mom to beautiful little girl. We ate southern BBQ, rode to the top of the Citrus Tower, and took in the scenery driving around Central Florida. It’s always fun to be able to get together with faraway friends, and spending the day with Jena was especially awesome. Florida girls are the sweetest.






It was a busy and cold weekend when we returned, but getting away was worth all the catching up. I’ve definitely become guilty of staying home or not making plans because it’s just easier. Certainly we need to care for the farm and balance the times we are gone, but this winter has showed me that balance is possible.

Now it’s only two weeks until March, and hopefully March will bring sunshine instead of snow!

About Lisa

Hi, I'm Lisa. Dairy farmer's wife and Minnesotan to the core, I write about rural farm life, running down country roads, and the food, faith, and family that bind everything together. Follow along on my journey.
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2 Responses to One Quick Trip

  1. This winter has definitely been milder than I expected, after hearing horror stories from last year. Still, I’m very ready for spring!

  2. Heidi Nicole says:

    Ahhh — looks like an awesome quick getaway! Glad you got to meet Jena IRL!

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