General Miscellany and Mayhem

Welcome to June, everyone!

This week I spotted a fun way to usher in Monday morning, along with June Dairy Month. Perhaps you already saw this picture (and thought it was dorky) as you scrolled through your social media feeds…

Oh well, I’m posting it again. 🙂

Just in case you think you’re having a bad hair day…
Happy Monday, and Happy June Dairy Month!

Even though summer won’t officially arrive until later this month, I feel like it’s in full swing. The sun has been hot and the humidity high. We’ve also gotten drenched in rain. Over the weekend we had more than 3 inches, and we were the lucky ones. I’ve heard totals of 6-7 inches not too far away, which has washed out many small crops growing in the field in those areas.

Right now, we ‘re all hoping for a dry week, and then small showers of rain when we need it.

My garden progress is slow. I’ve still got tomato and pepper seedlings sitting in the big south window. As soon as the ground dries out we’ll be starting our first cutting of hay, so I may have to get creative finding time to plant them.

We have already been enjoying a few fresh delicacies though. I got tender asparagus from my mom, and last night I cut rhubarb to mix into a tasty cake.


On a different note…

I signed up for another marathon.

I didn’t think I would so soon, as Lake Wobegon took a lot out of me mentally and physically.

But about a week later, I started wanting one more long race this season. I thought about another half marathon, but there weren’t really any options close by in the next month.

Then I started thinking about 26.2. I’d been so close to my goal, but I wasn’t sure if I could handle going after it and missing again.

So I prayed about it. I’d already made some peace with my first race, but what about another? These thoughts came to me:

Is this a smart time for a marathon? Talk with your husband, and see what he thinks. If those things line up, go for it if you like. I can’t run the race for you, but I will be right beside you.

JR also said to sign up if I wanted, and the next day I squeezed in near the end of registration for Grandma’s Marathon.


Grandma’s is run along the shore of Lake Superior from Two Harbors to Duluth, and it is Minnesota’s oldest marathon. I’ve wanted to run it for awhile now, and this year things just clicked.

We should be long done with hay by June 21 race day, and that weekend is otherwise free. My cousin lives up in Duluth, and she is also running the marathon this year. I can stay with her, with is a major bonus considering hotels get sparse and expensive for marathon weekend.

JR also has a good friend who farms up in that area, so if he comes with me we’ll visit his friend. (Or maybe I’ll just drop JR off and let them hang out while I run.)

The other thing I like about this race is the increasing support at the end. I hear the last six miles as you come into Duluth just get fuller and louder with people as you go. Water stops are every single mile in that last stretch, and the whole city comes out to cheer. I had a rough last few miles in May, so I’m thinking this might be the boost I need.

I am a little worried about June weather, but this race is historically cool. It takes a long time for the North Shore area to warm up in spring. I’ve also come up with a plan. If it’s a miserable hot or pouring rain day, I’m just going to run what feels comfortable and enjoy. If the weather is good and I feel good, I’ll see if I can go faster than ever before. Either way, I’ll keep in mind who true strength comes from.

About Lisa

Hi, I'm Lisa. Dairy farmer's wife and Minnesotan to the core, I write about rural farm life, running down country roads, and the food, faith, and family that bind everything together. Follow along on my journey.
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3 Responses to General Miscellany and Mayhem

  1. Robyn says:

    Good Morning, Lisa!
    Happy June. How can it be June and haying withing sight?

    Glad you are getting some moisture; we are too. After going through several years of dry I am thankful for moisture as we know someday the sun will shine and the South Dakota wind will blow. My folks are in NE and they got the first rain of the year last week.

    I have 3 rhubarb plants and harvested the first goodness last week. I made a pie and froze the other half to make jam with later. I have a really yummy muffin recipe too.

    Good Luck with your next race. Sounds like you have thought through it, prayed and talked about the idea with your Hubby. Sounds like something I would do to process. Kudos to you to train and be in the hay field, you are must be very organized.

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