Now That’s Romantic

Spring can get busy on a farm, especially when the weather is slow to warm and the fields are slow to dry. Once things are ready, it’s go time.

This spring has indeed been slow, but we finally finished planting the crop during the wee hours of Monday morning. We got light rain Monday afternoon, and I was so thankful we avoided the 3-4 inches of downpour and washouts that happened as close as the next township.

In the midst of spring work and busy days there is usually little time left for things like romance. Still, it can pop up unexpectedly. This story begins in the field while picking rocks…

Part of getting the fields ready for planting is going rock picking. Rock picking is just as glamorous as it sounds. We drive around the fields with ATV’s, a tractor with a trailer, or skid loaders, and we scoop up or hand pick the rocks we see. The main purpose of this is to avoid rocks damaging or getting stuck in the machinery we use for digging, planting, and harvesting fields. Also, farmers don’t want rocks disturbing plant growth or ending up in the final product during harvest.

Don’t worry though — I’m not talking about getting every stone and pebble. If a rock is about grapefruit-size it’s fair-game, but the main ones we worry about are those basketball-size and larger.

A few weeks ago we were picking one of the first fields, and I spotted a unique rock. It was smaller granite and had a perfect line dividing it into half red, half blue.

It sounds silly, but I decided I wanted to keep this rock. I could add it to the rock borders in our yard if nothing else.

Sometimes the geese roam in our gardens…

After about twenty minutes of carrying it around and taking care not to drop it into the rock wagon, I decided to stash my rock somewhere.

JR wondered why I kept holding onto the same rock, and I sort of wondered myself. 😉

I threw it several feet into a grove of trees at the edge of the field. If I forgot to get it before we left I knew it would wait for me.

Fast forward about a week, and I was getting into my car one evening. Chores were done for the day, and I opened the back door to let Calvin and Boo hop in. I opened up the driver’s door and was about to sit down when I saw this.


Now that’s romantic.

Sometime during the busy week of digging fields, organizing seed varieties, and hauling manure, JR had remembered to stop and get my rock.

I’d honestly forgotten about it myself!


I don’t think I’ll be able to walk by it this summer without smiling. Sometimes it really is the very smallest things.

About Lisa

Hi, I'm Lisa. Dairy farmer's wife and Minnesotan to the core, I write about rural farm life, running down country roads, and the food, faith, and family that bind everything together. Follow along on my journey.
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4 Responses to Now That’s Romantic

  1. Adriane Heins says:

    You found yourself a good one (a guy, that is, although the rock looks lovely too 🙂 ). That is precious.

  2. So cute! This might be obvious, but if you pick rocks out of the fields every year, how do they keep getting big rocks in them (assuming that your fields are pretty flat)?

    • Lisa says:

      They really do keep getting rocks! Some fields have very few and we don’t pick that often. In the rockier fields, first is you never get them all. Then, when you till/plow in spring or fall more rocks come up. It can truly be a never ending process.

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