New Friends Spot!

Last week I escaped the chill of Minnesota for two days and traveled to Kansas City. It wasn’t exactly warm, but it was almost above freezing. Plus, they had (brown) grass instead of snow drifts. Win!

I was fortunate to attend a dairy conference that brought together dairy farmers and dairy moms, dietitians, food bloggers, and other food and dairy experts. We all learned from and shared with each other, and we got new ideas on how to connect with people about dairy. (If I met you in KC, hello again and thanks for stopping by!)

I don’t know that a lot will immediately change around my blog, but I do feel renewed inspiration to keep writing.

I also discovered a wealth of new-to-me blogs that each share a unique and personal message. I wanted to post a huge list of all the links, but I was worried I would miss some anyway and overwhelm you guys with too many choices. Instead, I selected a few that I think you’ll especially relate to.


Little House on the Dairy – Adriane and Chris are newlyweds and all-around great people who dairy farm in Missouri. Adriane didn’t grow up with dairy, so you can follow along with her as she learns!

Dietitian that Tri’s – Alex is a Minnesota girl like me and a  registered dietitian. Triathlon is her sport, and she’s currently training for Ironman. Wow is all I can say to that. 🙂

Dairy Dish and Dash – Jen and her husband have four kids and dairy farm in North Dakota. She just started up her blog, and she is also a runner. (Yup!) Her and much of her family hope to run the Marine Corps Marathon this fall.

Down to Earth Dietitian – Jen is a mom, registered dietitian and fellow Minnesota girl with a pretty cool background. She started her career at the Mayo Clinic, serves as a nutrition expert in many capacities, and currently works for a supermarket where she started the first supermarket garden in the nation.

Dine and Dish – Kristen is a blogger, mom, and amazing food photographer from the Kansas City area. Her beautiful site showcases family, recipes, and more, and it inspires me to keep working harder on my own photos and stories.

Besides just meeting people and taking a mini-getaway, I kept on running.

Wednesday morning at the hotel gym I showed up a little later than I wanted to, and I found about five people working out with all four treadmills full. I have never had this happen to me before. At least people are exercising! I warmed up on the elliptical until I could snag a treadmill, which is why I only managed 2 miles of running.

Overall it was a productive week. It would have been better to run more weekly miles so my long run wasn’t such a high percentage of the total, but I’m still glad I did 16 on Saturday.

Here’s the detail.

Marathon Training February 24 – March 2

Monday – 3.52 miles in 33:00 with 2 x 1 mile @ 8:57
Tuesday – off / travel
Wednesday – 2.16 miles in 19:00 with 2 x 1 mile @ 8:57, 8:27 — plus elliptical
Thursday – 5.11 miles in 48:00 alternating 2:00 hard / 2:00 easy for most of run (evening run, which is rather unusual for me)
Friday – 3.31 miles in 34:00 very easy
Saturday – 16.02 miles in 2:34:01, with 7.52 miles outside (9:27 pace and -18*F) and 8.5 miles treadmill (9:46 pace). Inside and outside miles done with no break between.
Sunday – off

Total – 30.2 miles

About Lisa

Hi, I'm Lisa. Dairy farmer's wife and Minnesotan to the core, I write about rural farm life, running down country roads, and the food, faith, and family that bind everything together. Follow along on my journey.
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7 Responses to New Friends Spot!

  1. Sarah says:

    I just stumbled onto your blog through Twitter… I just relocated to Illinois with my fiance and I’m new to the farming world. His family raises cows but to sell, not for dairy. It’s so fun to see the cows outside and to be able to interact with them. I’m excited to read your blog and learn more about farming altogether! 🙂

    You can find me at

  2. Jen Haugen says:

    Hi Lisa,

    It was so nice meeting you last week! Thanks for featuring me on your blog! I hope we can work together on a future blog post!


  3. I’ll have to check those blogs out. And you are a warrior running outside in that kind of cold!

  4. cdmiller07 says:

    Good luck with the training! You are a very bold individual to do so in winter. I don’t think I’m tough enough haha.

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