Catching up on Life

Life is certainly full of lots to do.

The fun, the necessary, the dreaded, the ho-hum, and the challenging all have a place.

9 days ago I got to run a marathon, and I would put that in the “fun” and “challenging” categories.

On the days since, I’ve been downright tired. I’m feeling unsettled and even guilty about all the things I should be catching up on. The things I said I would do after the marathon.Even though I’ve been keeping busy, I find it hard to focus on what I have accomplished instead of all I have left to do.

Perhaps this is an attitude thing?

It’s strange, but I know I dread certain chores more than I should. I feel utterly exhausted just thinking about them. (For example; peeling off the tape and cleaning up in the room I painted probably several weeks ago.) Once I do them I feel better, and usually they aren’t that unpleasant.

Sometimes it’s legitimately hard to carve out the time, and sometimes I’m just stalling.

Not that I’ve been been sitting around, but I still wonder if I am getting enough done?

I go to work each day and care for the animals, do projects, work with people, and generally attend to my job. Aside from the cleaning and organizing that always needs more doing and waiting for the weather to be right for hay cutting, we’re not even terribly behind.

Then there’s our home. I spent the last few nights trying to clean: sorting papers and mail, doing laundry, picking up, and wiping down. I even scrubbed my new piano and other wood furniture with Murphy’s oil soap.

But, my laundry room is still a disaster. I have vacuuming to do, my sink is full of dishes again, and there are still boxes to be unpacked (and more to move) from when we moved houses last fall.

Outside brings other tasks.

Our poor garden is a source of joy and stress. After starting and buying many nice seedlings, we are still trying to finish planting.

Who knew a pack of seeds would make so many brussel sprout plants? (Strictly speaking, I hope we like them as much as we think. JR claims we’ll pickle some. Anyone have any experience?)

We spent a full evening plus several more hours last week planting, and I’d say we might be half done. It does seen late, but it’s been such a cool spring that things should work out.

Yup, we’ve just been attacking the garden that was here with lots of shoveling and elbow grease.


Last week when I loaded up some plants my mother-in-law didn’t have room for, the dogs were even excited to help.


That brings me to the birds. It’s absolutely wild how fast they grow. They’re all moved into the barn, and we let small groups out to wander around the yard and eat weeds and bugs when we have time.

We want to make a little fenced area we can move around the yard for them, but that’s another project that is still on the to-do list.

We both agree the turkeys are the funniest. They are starting to get rather homely with their naked heads, and they love to perch on the ledges and ladder in their pen.






In spite of the challenges, I know I need to embrace the small moments and focus on the good stuff we’re accomplishing.

Sometimes the dishes will just have to wait.

What about my running, you may ask?

I decided for recovery sake I ought to take several full rest days. I actually only ran once last week, a brief 2 miles on Friday morning.

I felt stiff and slow, but I enjoyed being out there. This week I’m easing back into some normalcy.

I ran 4 easy miles on Monday morning, and today I did a few miles of tempo pace.

No long races are on my calendar yet, but I have several shorter races in my sites. I’m not giving up on my hopes for sub-23:00 at 5K!

I don’t mean to sound frazzled, but it’s probably coming across that way. I’m grateful for the blessings (and even the work) that surrounds me, and I plan to face the summer with as much joy and positive energy as I can.

I hope you, too, are able to find beautiful moments in the midst of the sometimes hectic pace of summer.

About Lisa

Hi, I'm Lisa. Dairy farmer's wife and Minnesotan to the core, I write about rural farm life, running down country roads, and the food, faith, and family that bind everything together. Follow along on my journey.
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4 Responses to Catching up on Life

  1. Look at how big your birds are!! I know too well how tempting it is to look around and feel overwhelmed by everything left undone. For me, it’s an issue of faith. Do I really trust that God gives me enough time each day to get done what needs to be done? Do I trust him that the things that aren’t done won’t make anything collapse, explode or self-destruct? Life isn’t going to get simpler anytime soon, so I know that I need to learn to live slowly and intentionally with today’s full plate. That said, it seems like you do a really good job at maintaining balance and a good attitude while being so busy!

  2. Heidi Nicole says:

    The birds are so big! Crazy how fast they grow!

    And I’m a little jealous of your garden – its one of the “easy” things that I seriously miss about the country and having a yard!

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