I don’t make it to church every Sunday.

Maybe this is surprising because I talk about my faith on this blog, or maybe it’s just a normal admission.

Perhaps as you read this you think it’s altogether uncomfortable that I blog about religion because I’m “supposed” to be a farm and fitness (and sometimes food) blogger.

The truth is, I can no more separate my faith from my blog than I can from my everyday life.

But back to church. I used to wrestle with the concept of missing worship, thinking it was “bad.” Or the flip side, thinking that going to church made me “good.”

Recently I think I’ve reached some clarity on this point.

Going to church isn’t about appearances, and I don’t even go because I think I should.

I go because I am broken.

All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. Every. single. one.

We are a broken people who can’t save ourselves. (No amount of church-going or good works can change that.) It all goes back to what Jesus did on the cross — as so many are reflecting on during this Holy Week.

We are saved by grace through faith in Jesus’ death and resurrection. It really is that simple.

But what Jesus did for us is not a faraway event in the past. Christ claims us and redeems us daily, and desires a living relationship with each and every one of us.

Every time I open my Bible or lift my words to God in prayer, or join with fellow imperfect believers to worship, I build that relationship a little more.

I don’t think Christianity is a one time choice or a destination. It’s more like a lifetime journey.

I need to keep filling my journey with positive stuff instead of leaving space for little bits of negativity, doubt, and judgement to take root. These little things just have a nasty tendency to grow into bigger thorns.

Early on Sunday, I start my farm chores and try to stay on schedule to make it to worship. About monthly I also volunteer to help with a part of the service, so I’m certain I get there at least that often.

When snowy weather slows me down; when multiple new calves or a sick animal keep me from going to church — I try not to fret. God doesn’t condemn me. After all, He led me to this life of farming with its crazy schedule, heartache, uncertainty and numerous blessings.

No matter how long it’s been, I know I am always welcome in God’s house.

The same is true for you, too. This Easter I want to make sure you know the invitation to go and celebrate in worship is extended. I would think and hope any church you attend would greet you warmly, but if you feel uncertain just remember people aren’t perfect. Christ is perfect, and he welcomes you with open arms this Easter season. And always.


About Lisa

Hi, I'm Lisa. Dairy farmer's wife and Minnesotan to the core, I write about rural farm life, running down country roads, and the food, faith, and family that bind everything together. Follow along on my journey.
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12 Responses to Broken

  1. Suzanne says:

    Wonderful post Lisa, very well said!

  2. Olivia Stocum says:

    We missed church on new year’s day because we spent it with our extended family. My sister-in-law said it was great we got to spend the day together, but it wasn’t good for God. I told her I didn’t see how God could condemn us for spending time with our family. She thought about it for a moment, then agreed that sometimes family, or some other situation, really does need to be addressed first.

    • Lisa says:

      That’s my understanding too. There are lots of ways to praise & spend time with The Lord. While fellowship with others at church is a great gift we should strive to partake in; it is not the only thing. Thanks for stopping by Olivia!

  3. Wonderful word, and SO true!!

  4. Beautiful. Have a wonderful Easter weekend!

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