Easy as Happily Ever After

Five years ago today, young and naive at 22, I was literally floating on air.

(I suppose I’m still young at 27, but that’s all relative…)

It was nearly finals week, and the logical college senior in me knew I had to focus. Still, I couldn’t stop looking at the platinum and diamond stunner on my finger — or showing it off to everyone who asked.

I was engaged, and that meant a new fiancée, fairy tale daydreams, and gushing girlfriends.

What “they” don’t tell you, of course, is that marriage doesn’t fix everything. If anything, it creates more challenges in a still growing relationship.

It’s full of blessing and turmoil as two human people try to figure out how to share and give and compromise and love.

We’re called to love purely and with no reservations. No hidden agenda. Loving without even expecting in return.
Loving as Christ loved.

This can be easy some days and downright impossible on others.

Have you ever worked day-to-day with your spouse? 7 days a week?

When things are good, they’re good.

There’s nothing so fulfilling as working side by side to harvest a ripened cornfield or bring a new baby calf into the world.

But when something is awry, well, everything is. Somedays work troubles, family quarrels, and personal challenges have a way of getting wound together in a big, messy knot.

Though we try not to let it happen too often…

Now of course I love my hubby, and I’m hoping he still loves me. 😉

I’m grateful to God for my family, and I know I’m blessed immensely. Lately, I’ve been more intentional about giving thanks, and I think that makes all the difference, whether you’re on cloud nine or worn thin.

Thinking back to that day 5 years ago, so much has happened since then. I know so much more than I did before.

Two houses, three dogs, three jobs, and almost four years of marriage later, we still don’t have all the answers. I know more joy and struggle lie ahead, but we also look forward to the journey.

That’s actually something we say to each other a lot. It’s so important to “enjoy the journey.”

Looking down at my left hand now, the rings placed there symbolize a past commitment. But they symbolize a future hope and promise too.

As Christmas gets closer it’s easy to get sucked into the importance of “shiny and beautiful things.”

Maybe the materiality of it should bother me, but I don’t let it. I cherish this hunk of rare metal and glittering stone. It represents something as close to eternal as anything on earth can be.

I’m running out of words and feel like I’m not getting to the point, so I’ll close with this.

I wish you close, loving relationships this December and always. While things may not be perfect or exactly as you thought in your fairy tale dreams, the people in your life are truly the most precious gifts.


About Lisa

Hi, I'm Lisa. Dairy farmer's wife and Minnesotan to the core, I write about rural farm life, running down country roads, and the food, faith, and family that bind everything together. Follow along on my journey.
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8 Responses to Easy as Happily Ever After

  1. Zaneta says:

    Just found your blog and LOVE it!! I loved reading this post! All so true! 🙂
    I hope you have a blessed December!!
    I’m holding a Christmas Card Swap on my blog if you’d like to join! 🙂

  2. Terzah says:

    Wow, I had no idea you were 27! You sound so much wiser than I was at that age. Maybe that’s because you’re married :^).

    Thanks for a post that made me look again at my own rings again. In May I will have been married 8 years–it’s the best! Best decision I made!

  3. Beautiful post. I’ll be married next year, so I’m just starting on this journey, even though we’ve been together four years now. We also go by the motto “enjoy the journey.”

    Wishing you and your husband many blessings!

  4. I totally agree that other people are the most important thing. This year, I’ve tried to be intentional about spending time with others, even if it means some things on my to-do list go undone.

  5. Bree says:

    I like to honor our engagement anniversary each year with just a note or mention. I think it’s fun to remember that day. We’ve been married for 5 and together for almost 10. You guys obviously have a good thing together 🙂

  6. Jess says:

    Beautiful post. So true!

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