5 weeks & calves of the week

Greetings from steamy Minnesota. They say the dew-point this morning is at 60 degrees, and it’s so humid that cement is perspiring and wet.

Even the weather people say it feels more like June than March, and temps have to be a solid 30 degrees above average.

It sounds like weather is out of the ordinary across the US this spring. I sincerely hope the predicted severe storms and tornados today don’t reach any of you today.

And I suppose that’s enough of a weather report!

Last week it was still cool enough in the mornings that calves were getting coats at birth. Now everyone is coat-free, but I thought the coats show a pretty interesting point.

Same size coat, two calves:



The first calf, at 100+ pounds, is nearly bursting in his little jacket. The second calf is a petite 60 pounds or so, and she nearly gets lost in the blue fabric.

The variability in size sometimes astounds me, but I suppose it’s just like a human baby can be healthy (and even full-term) at 6 pounds or 10 pounds.

Last night Calvin followed me along to do a last check for calves, and he weaseled right in the pen to give this one a lick.


He knows he’s not supposed to follow me in, but before I scolded him out I had to snap a picture. He’s probably a 50 pound dog, so this tiny little gal can’t be much bigger.

It’s just under 5 weeks until 1/2 marathon day, and my training isn’t what I wanted it to be this week.

I still feel like I’m fighting an uphill battle on a lot of my (flat terrain) runs, but I’ll just keep working along.

March 12 – March 18

Monday – rest

Tuesday – 3.25 miles easy in 31:20 @ 9:38 (TM)

Wednesday – 5.22 miles tempo in 46:50 @ 8:58 (outside)

Thursday – rest

Friday – 2.68 miles easy in 26:02 @ 9:44 (outside)

Saturday – rest

Sunday – 5 miles with warm-up, 2 miles @ 8:57, 1 mile @ 8:49, 2 x 200m @ 7:24, cool (TM)

Total – 16.15 miles

That’s all for now. I’ve had a reader request for a post with more info about corn, so you can watch for that coming soon.

About Lisa

Hi, I'm Lisa. Dairy farmer's wife and Minnesotan to the core, I write about rural farm life, running down country roads, and the food, faith, and family that bind everything together. Follow along on my journey.
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3 Responses to 5 weeks & calves of the week

  1. Terzah says:

    Very interesting cow details as always!

    Don’t worry about the training–I still think you are going to do really well.

  2. Heidi Nicole says:

    Oh, the humidity….I was there for all of four days and I thought for sure I was going to die. I actually stared at the sidewalk wondering how it had rained so quickly that I’d missed it – then my mom pointed out the obvious…it was just that humid. Crazy! {glad to be back in CO where a humid day falls around 15-20%!}

    Don’t get too down on the training…you’re still running! 🙂

  3. Anna says:

    Oh yes, the humidity is always a killer! Hope you’ve enjoyed your running week a little more this week….I know I have!

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