8 weeks to go & Spot of the Week

And the spot for the week belongs to…


… this gal. Meet 2185!

As I was walking through pen #1 today, 2185 stuck her head up at me and gave me those big cow eyes. How could I not take a picture?

Then I got the notion that a peak into the life of an average cow was just the thing to share with my readers. So what’s special about this particular cow, you may wonder?

Here’s some fun facts:

Age: 4 years, 5 months
Birthdate: 9.8.2007
Breed: Holstein
Weight: 1700 lbs give or take 100 lbs; she’s a big girl either way!
Lactation*: 3
Daily milk production: 108 lbs about 12.5 gallons
Lifetime milk production: 62,270 lbs about 7,241 gallons
Last calved: 9.20.2011

*lactation refers to the milking cycle of a cow or any female mammal. After having a calf, a cow starts a new lactation. This means 2185 has had 3 calves.

And no, I don’t magically have all this data in my head. Our dairy software tracks the info on each cow. I can simply go to her page in the computer and see all her pertinent details. Just like Facebook, right? 🙂

If you’ve got any questions about 2185 just comment away. I’m sure there are details I’ve forgotten that seem common-place to me, but you guys might really be wondering about.

With that, now it’s time to share my weekly running stats.

Feb. 20 – Feb. 26

Monday – 3.4 miles @ 8:56 in 30:15, just faster than goal 1/2 pace (outside)

Tuesday – Rest

Wednesday – 6.2 miles in 55:00, including 6 x 800m @ 3:45 each or 7:30 pace (TM)

Thursday – 3 miles total, circuit training class with with about .5 mile running, 1.15 warm & 1.4 cool on TM

Friday – 3.25 miles, easy and not timed (outside)

Saturday – 10.54 miles long run, first 5 miles about 10:15 pace, last 5.5 miles about 9:45 pace (outside)

Sunday – Rest

Total – 26.4 miles

My long run this week turned into an interesting outing. I knew I wanted to get going right at sunrise, but when I looked at the thermometer it said 2*. I was expecting more like 20*.

I pouted for a few minutes, ate another slice of toast with raspberry jam, and wrapped a fleece scarf around my neck.

I wasn’t sure about needing my ice spikes, but I finally pulled them on. I ended up taking them on and off about 3 times – which drove me crazy and didn’t help my frozen fingers.

I looped back by my driveway at just over 5 miles to get some Gatorade, and I ditched the spikes and just kept my route to the ice-free main road.

In spite of the chilly start I had a good run. I was also happy to be done and back home before 9:00 a.m.

It looks like we’re in for more snow and cold this week, so I suppose I’d better get used to it again!

About Lisa

Hi, I'm Lisa. Dairy farmer's wife and Minnesotan to the core, I write about rural farm life, running down country roads, and the food, faith, and family that bind everything together. Follow along on my journey.
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4 Responses to 8 weeks to go & Spot of the Week

  1. I am so sick of cold runs. But good for you getting out there! That’s always depressing to see such a cold temp when you have to go on a run. Spring, come quick!

  2. Terzah says:

    2 degrees! That’s hard core!

    The cow data….really interesting. I remember the first time I saw a milking machine. It was during my time in the Peace Corps in Russia. It made me protectively cross my arms over my chest. And 12.8 gallons!! Hard core!! When I was nursing my twins, I was proud of the days when I hit a quart (I used to keep track because mostly I was on a pump, which is just like a milking machine for people)–I don’t think I ever hit a gallon. I wonder how many cals cows burn making their milk. I was told human beings need 500 extra calories a day when lactating. I did feel hungry all the time, that’s for sure! No wonder cows are always eating!

  3. Brit says:

    That “cow Facebook” sounds pretty neat. A guy that I knew in grad school developed some dairy farming software. Until I met him, it never occurred to me that such a thing existed.

    Looks like you got in a solid week of runs! Great job getting out there at 2 degrees!

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