Tick, Tick… Waiting

Greetings from Minnesota. 55 degrees and sunny with a chance of rain again this evening.

Sometimes there are things on the farm that I take for granted that just refuse to be taken for granted. Like our pasteurizer.

It’s a wonderfully automated machine that is set to cool the milk until about 3 hours prior to bottle feeding time. Then, it heats the milk to over 145 degrees, holds it at that temp for 30 minutes, and cools the milk back down to 102 degrees for feeding.

I know we people usually like our milk cold, but baby calves like it right about the same temperature it would come out of the cow.

Anyhow, tonight that didn’t exactly happen. A breaker in our fuse box shorted out or something, and when I went to check the milk the pasteurizer screen was dead. I flipped the breaker and re-set everything, but milk is now behind schedule.

Instead of bringing out bottles right now I’m waiting a few more minutes for the milk to finish pasteurizing and then cool.

Tick, tick…

In other news, our blog calf Etta turned 1 month old on Thursday! She is still getting the same diet of 2 quarts of milk morning and night, plus fresh water and grain available at all times.

She’s been a healthy, happy calf in her first month. At around 6 weeks old she will reach the big event of starting to get weaned from milk. Fun stuff. 😉


Yesterday, I waited on my crockpot all day for it to produce something fabulous. I was skeptical about this soup, but I had a cabbage and other veggies that needed using.

If you followed me on twitter last night, you’ll know that I deemed this Czech Cabbage Soup a success.

I did make it in the crockpot, but I still followed the recipe as stated, just with longer cooking times. I served it with red wine, toast, and a hunk of sharp cheddar for a just-right supper.

Running Tales

Or not. It’s officially the start of cold season for me. I’ve been waiting to get over a lingering stuffy nose and sore throat before I do any hard workouts.

I actually haven’t run since Thursday. Shame.

Tomorrow begins a new week, and I plan to balance getting healthy with getting my running back on track.

Looks like my milk is finally ready; happy Sunday all!

P.S. Who can be the first to comment to tell me if the Vikings won today??

About Lisa

Hi, I'm Lisa. Dairy farmer's wife and Minnesotan to the core, I write about rural farm life, running down country roads, and the food, faith, and family that bind everything together. Follow along on my journey.
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5 Responses to Tick, Tick… Waiting

  1. poeticruse says:

    Sadly the vikings lost; it looked like a possibility, but green bay shut ’em down at the end. FInal score 33-27 Packers.

    Glad to hear Etta is doing well, hope that pasteurizers electrical problems are just a fuse!

  2. Brit says:

    How will Etta feel about being weaned from milk? Do calves seem to care?

    • Lisa says:

      She’ll be okay. 🙂 When we wean we start by giving them bottles of water in the morning and still milk at night. Then after about 5 days we switch them to no bottles in morning and water bottles at night. This gradual change works pretty well, and they eat more grain and water so they are still getting enough calories and liquids too! If a calf has been sick or isn’t eating grain well then we’ll hold her back from weaning an extra week or two as needed until she’s ready.

  3. Cassie says:

    Your soup with wine and toast and cheese sounds delicious!! I love making soups all fall and winter……my husband doesn’t always appreciate this. He likes something with a bit more substance. : )

    And in response to a comment you left me: We’re basically done going through our recent large life change. I haven’t been trying to be cryptic on my blog. I am just not very good at spelling out all the details in an understandable manner. So I just go for a vague, touchy-feely approach instead. ; ) To put it quickly, Adam was asked to apply for a management position with Matco Tools. We owned a franchise with Matco and loved being business owners. Adam ran a great business and we had 600+ customers whom we loved and they all loved Adam. We felt God leading us to take the new position and after 11 interviews, Adam was accepted. However, instead of being home every night, he’s now gone 2-5 nights a week. I struggled with doubt wondering how anything that takes him away from us could be from God. But God pointed out the things along the way that have led me to trust that we are in the right spot. Plus we get to travel with him when he has “new starts” – training new guys to run their own Matco franchises. And Adam, of course, is great at it. So while it was sad to give up our own business (which was taken over by Adam’s brother who just out of the Marine Corps), it has been so fun to help others start their own business.

    Anyway, that wasn’t very short. But maybe now you have a better idea? : )

    Fun catching up here at your blog!

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