The Commute

Greetings from Minnesota. It was a hot day in the mid-80’s that morphed into an evening of thunderstorms.

Luckily I was able to get our newest calf fed and inside her hutch before the rain started!


Last night as I realized July is coming to a close, I decided I owed it to myself to do at least one quality long run this month.

I was pretty sure I hadn’t managed anything longer than 6 or 7, and I figured 10 miles would a good plan for Saturday morning,

You may remember that we try to take Saturday mornings off from the farm if possible.

Well… This morning I woke up to find everything was damp; it may have even been still misting. I promptly fell back asleep, and when I finally got up I started haphazardly working on dishes and laundry, feeling I’d missed my run.

As we ate some late breakfast (well, brunch) JR said I should just run to the farm. He’d come a little later with Calvin in the car. I used to run to the farm more often last summer, and I just haven’t in awhile.

Even though it was already mid-morning I decided this was a grand plan. After finding my water belt and getting dressed I was off and running.

It got hot in a hurry; way hotter than I thought it was. I was glad I’d been smart enough to fill all 4 water bottles, but I hadn’t remembered to put ice in them. 😦

It’s about 8.5 miles to the farm, but I usually stretch it to 9 or so by doing a little extra somewhere.

One of the first things I noticed as I jogged along, besides the heat radiating off the pavement, was the swollen river I cross.

Usually it’s little more than a stream by late summer, but today it actually looked like a river.


Just past the river is where I’ve got to cross the railroad tracks. Wouldn’t you know I saw this as I approached?


It wasn’t too bad though because it gave me a chance to scout out another photo to share.

Do you have wheat in your area? Right around here not too many farmers plant it, but those who do must plant spring wheat.

It matures in late July, which always seems to surprise people. They think it should be autumn, but the picture below doesn’t lie!


The rest of the run is sort of a fog. It was hot, and all the fields were starting to look alike.

I was tired of drinking my lukewarm water, so I began dumping it over my head and shoulders. This was more successful at cooling me down. 🙂

As I’d hoped, I managed to stretch the run just past 9. 9.03 miles (in 1:33) to be exact.

It’s a little disconcerting that I was wiped out after 9 miles, but I guess I can take comfort that during marathon training a 10-miler during taper was actually my most challenging run.

I also put in a full afternoon at the farm after the run, so I guess we’ll see how my legs feel tomorrow.

Perhaps I’m still in better shape than I think?

Is your training or outdoor activity this July going how you hoped?

About Lisa

Hi, I'm Lisa. Dairy farmer's wife and Minnesotan to the core, I write about rural farm life, running down country roads, and the food, faith, and family that bind everything together. Follow along on my journey.
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8 Responses to The Commute

  1. Heidi Nicole says:

    Um. Way to get your 9 miles in! How did I ever survive the humidity of Wisconsin!? We’ve been back less than 24 hours and I’m ready to head back to my dry mountain air!

  2. Way to get in your 9 miles! Every run feels hard this time of year. I would love it if I could commute towork on foot. You have no excuse to quit since you have to make it there.

  3. Kierstan says:

    Every single one of my runs lately, long or short, have felt hard these past few weeks. The heat + humidity take a lot out of you. Nice job on your 9 miles! I’ve missed quite a few runs already and have had to move a few to the treadmill. Things are not looking the greatest for TCM…

  4. poeticruse says:

    9 miles is totally respectable, in the heat of the day! I have to get back out there and keep up my double-digit chops for more half marathons this fall, but it’s hard to imagine how it will work, with 10 mile runs wiping me out in this heat.

  5. Bree says:

    9 miles is awesome in this weather! Every mile is a victory lately. I love doing a “destination” run where I don’t have to turn around or loop back. Something much more appealing about it.

  6. Brit says:

    I agree with everyone else…9 miles in hot temperatures is no small feat! If you can pull that off, imagine what you’ll be able to do when things cool down a bit.

  7. bearrunner says:

    Great job on the run!!! i use to get so annoyed when I would have to wait for trains while running… Looked liek a great morning for a run, I bet it was hot!


  8. Cassie says:

    How do you ever run in the heat and humidity we’ve been having?

    And I can’t believe July is over. I love August, but I’m just not prepared for summer ending.

    Hope you are enjoying your summer.

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