A 10K and A Wedding

Greetings from Minnesota. We got rain overnight, and it’s been an overcast day with the chance of rain lurking.

If you blog, do you ever feel like you get behind on blogging such that you’re always posting about everything several days (or more) after it happens?

I seem to have that problem more and more lately. Tonight I could blog about the projects we got done around the farm the past few days, but I still owe you all a 10K race report.

And I do actually want to write about this race, so the farm tales will have to wait a few days.

On Saturday morning I made my way to Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis to run the Kids Against Hunger “Fill Their Plates” 10K. The weather was overcast and mid-60’s, but good gosh it was humid!

After a few fiascos navigating around the city, I still managed to arrive at the lake in plenty of time. I parked, signed up (because you know I nearly never pre-register), and I kept my eye out for fellow bloggers Bree and Courtenay who I knew would also be racing.

I went into this race with expectations that were 2-fold. First, I wanted to PR. I’ve probably mentioned this, but the only 10K I had previously raced was in 90 degree humid conditions. My time didn’t reflect what I was capable of, and I needed to redeem myself at this distance.

The other part of my expectations came from a particularly good tempo run back in March. I know March is many training runs ago, but on race morning I couldn’t help but think about a 7 mile run I did 3 months back.

It was a cool day, I started strong, and I finished strong. I could hardly believe it when I realized I had done the 7 miles at 8:54 pace. However… since then I haven’t been so strong on the speedwork. My near knee-injury freaked me out before my marathon, and I’ve been putting in more easy miles than speedy miles.

Ok, enough about my expectations, let’s get to the race.

I ran into Courtenay fairly early on, and then spotted Bree about 10 minutes before the start. Don’t we look fab?

Now, I’m not sure how tall these ladies are, but I feel like I’m a bit of a giraffe. It seems to me that one of my readers thought I was a shorty based on previous pictures, so I figured I should point this out. I promise I’m wearing running shoes and not heels. ๐Ÿ˜‰

The start of the race wasn’t too crowded, and I was able to find my pace pretty quickly. I tried to hover around 9:00, but I just had my regular watch so I could only take splits at miles.

The first split I took was 8:11, and that freaked me out because I knew it wasn’t maintainable. I also decided it was likely the first mile marker was off, so I just tried to keep pace and not worry too much.

The course was 2 loops around the lake, but luckily the second loop didn’t seem as bad as I thought. There were gorgeous houses to look at, and they also had signs every little while talking about various hunger stats.

It was sad, but also inspiring to know we were helping a good cause. I also saw several people running in World Vision singlets, and that always perked me up because I just finished my own World Vision fundraising.

I feel like I could have pushed harder in the middle miles, but I definitely dug deep at the finish. At mile 5 I sped up, and once I passed mile 6 I ran for all I was worth.

I passed about 3 people, and then the finish was in sight. There was an announcer and a decent crowd, and the announcer was saying how it looked like we had a little battle going on. I was closing fast on a girl ahead of me, and I must have gained at least 15 meters on her with the finish-line crowd cheering.

I can’t tell for sure, but I think we crossed the line at the exact same time. It’s crazy how having someone to chase can you give that extra adrenaline you need.

My splits aren’t very accurate because I’m certain the mile markers were off, but here they are:

  • 1-8:11
  • 2-10:06
  • 3-9:38
  • 4-9:12
  • 5-9:49
  • 6-8:49
  • .2-1:11

Official time was 56:55 (9:11 pace). I’m thrilled by the nearly 2.5 minute PR, and for my current fitness I think I ran as well as I could.

Of course the “but” is that I was speedier this spring. I’ve just got to kick up the speedwork and find another 10K when I’m ready.

The other fun thing about this race was I really never had a moment where I started hating everything. Usually in shorter distances, my legs and lungs are burning so badly I question why I ever signed up. I can assure you my legs and lungs were spent at the end of this race, but I still felt happy to be out racing.

After the race, I said goodbye to Bree and Courtenay and dashed off to my other more important committment of the day – being a bridesmaid.

It was a beautiful wedding, and I wish Amanda and Brad every happiness in their new marriage!

Do you ever try to squeeze a race in when you’re traveling?

About Lisa

Hi, I'm Lisa. Dairy farmer's wife and Minnesotan to the core, I write about rural farm life, running down country roads, and the food, faith, and family that bind everything together. Follow along on my journey.
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10 Responses to A 10K and A Wedding

  1. I always look for races when we travel. Okay, if there realistically enough time, I tend to look for races when we travel. It is pretty easy to skip out on workouts when you are out of town, so paying for a race helps to motivate me to get my butt out the door and run!

    • Lisa says:

      Very true. Who knows if I would have actually gotten a run done if it hadn’t been for the race! Sometime I want to do a true destination race… As a few hours away isn’t exactly new geography. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. bearrunner says:

    Great job!!!! Congrats! Excellent report… You little speedy you


  3. Jena says:

    Great race! I don’t particularly like the 10k distance, but it’s always fun to race something you don’t get to race very often.

    We rarely travel, so I’ve never run a race somewhere else. I did look to see if I could find one in the Bahamas.. nope. Oh well. It would probably be hot and miserable anyways.

    ps. How tall ARE you?? I never thought you were super tall, but next to Bree & Courtenay, you do look pretty tall. Maybe they are just really short?

    • Lisa says:

      The 10K is kind of a rough distance. It’s not my favorite, but at least I feel better about it now! And really, Minneapolis is less than 2 hours away so I suppose it’s a bit misleading to say I traveled. I’m just under 5’8″. Taller than average I think, but not super tall either. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. ummmmmmmmmm late blogging is totally how i’ve been rolling lately! my last post pretty much summed up the first 3 weeks of the month hahah!

    i don’t travel that much (and i don’t race much either) but whenever i am going away i always look for good places to run.

    awesome job on the pr!!!

  5. Bree says:

    You do look tall next to us! I am 5′-7″, but may have been hunched over. I have bad tendency to do that in group photos.

    I would love to do a destination race someday, too. I don’t count Fargo ๐Ÿ™‚ Rock and Roll Las Vegas is on my list as a “someday” race.

    Congrats again on the PR!

  6. Heidi Nicole says:

    Congrats on the PR and I’m jealous of the meet up (as I’ve said in both of their posts too…)!

    I also have to say that I love the fact there are sunflowers in your bouquets! The Husband and I were at a wedding the same weekend and he kept saying he wanted a sunflower instead of a daisy…granted we were talking about the flower pinned to his shirt, not a bouquet, but still!

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