Now Introducing

Greetings from Minnesota! It’s been another drizzly day, and it looks like more of the same for a while.

Now that it’s been a few days, I figure I owe you all an introduction.

After some debate, we’re still searching for the right name for this little guy.

Yes, we seem to have acquired a sweet little dog. Several weeks ago I was talking to my mom, and she mentioned they’d had a dog show up in their yard. He seemed friendly and well-mannered, but he had no collar and he wasn’t even neutered. They called around to neighbors and animals shelters, but nobody seemed to be missing this guy.

So… you know what happens next. My parents decided they couldn’t keep him, and somehow he’s been transplanted to us. We are both suckers when it comes to big, brown doggy eyes, and of course we had to give him a chance. For the record, I have posted his picture and information to try to find his owner, but so far nobody has claimed him.

Things I have discovered:

1) He is great on a leash, and he’s also been a good running partner on the few measly runs I’ve been able to do lately.

2) He is also fairly well-behaved in the house.

3) The farm is a different story. He gets excited and can hardly listen when he sees animals, squirrels, or birds. Jumping in calf hutches seems like great fun to him, and he wants to cross the road and run to the neighbors. For now, he’s got to be closely supervised or on a leash.

4) He is one hungry dog. I swear he’s half the size of Wellington and eats double as much.

5) If there are big, muddy ruts to be found, he will find them. See example below:

And so far, that’s what we know- besides the fact we think might look rather like a coon hunting dog. (not that we seriously know what one looks like. Anybody have one??)

He’s still on a trial basis, simply because we’re not sure we are ready for another dog. It also doesn’t seem fair to keep him on a leash as much as we have been, but so far he just can’t be trusted to stay put at the farm. Maybe an invisible fence is in our future?

He definitely wins points for being sweet and extra cuddly, so I’m starting to think it may work out.

Running Tales

Not much to report. Things are feeling okay, and I’m planning to attempt a run longer than 30 minutes tomorrow and see what happens. Obviously I won’t run through sharp pain, so I’m hoping I don’t have any of that.

Do you notice my blog looks a bit different up top?  I’ve wanted to do a full update to my blog design and layout, but I just haven’t gotten to it yet. Besides, I need inspiration. I thought a running related picture belonged somewhere on my homepage, and I think this will do for now.

Any experience training dogs that don’t want to stay home? Does this invisible fence stuff really work for speedy dogs that like to chase squirrels?

About Lisa

Hi, I'm Lisa. Dairy farmer's wife and Minnesotan to the core, I write about rural farm life, running down country roads, and the food, faith, and family that bind everything together. Follow along on my journey.
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10 Responses to Now Introducing

  1. Lisa says:

    Not sure how I managed to shut off the comment function, but it’s open now. :-)Thanks to those of you who have already contacted me to give me details about the pros/cons of invisible fence and other solutions.

    I appreciate all the advice!

  2. Heidi Nicole says:

    Aww…what a cutie! And it must be nice to have a running buddy!

    Your header looks good…once you get started playing around with the blog design it gets really overwhelming!

  3. lauren says:

    We have GSPs who are fabulous runners & also have a HUGE prey drive. We had an electric fence at our old house & Lola would shoot right through it for a cat/rabbit, etc. The shock was worth it to possibly get the animal.

    You can use hot wire, but that’s not a guarantee either. We ended up fencing in a large portion of our back yard with 5 foot aluminum rail fence and so far, only one foster has become an escape artist! 🙂

  4. Dana says:

    AWWWWW love him!!!! I know it’s hard to decide whether or not you’re ready for another dog…but I have a feeling this little guy already won your heart 😉

  5. awwwwwwwwwwwwwww. i’ve never had a dog before so i don’t have any advice.

    except to say that i like the header. and good luck with the run (although i think you posted this last night so i hope it went well today!)

  6. I think you should name him Fargo after your first marathon!

    • Lisa says:

      I’ll have to think about that one! I think if I was doing more of a destination marathon it might work better though, because everyone around here will just think we decided to name him after a city north of us. 🙂

  7. bearrunner says:

    I have heard the invisible fencing works… Can’t claim that from knowledge, I am more of a cat person… They don’t need supervision.
    Get one of those Zap collars. I have heard they don’t work…


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