Signs of New Life

Greetings from Minnesota. We’re still experiencing temps in the 20’s and low 30’s, but I do have hope spring is coming.

If these tulips peaking through the gray remnants of last year’s foliage aren’t a sign of the new life I don’t know what is. Soon enough we’ll begin planting our farm fields, and the joy of seeing those tiny rows of green plants pop up will be another of spring’s miracles. Don’t worry, I’ll post photos when that happens too!

Running Tales

I made it through a 15 mile long run on Saturday, which sounds good until you find out I originally had 18 miles on my schedule. I got busy with things Saturday (and possibly took a small afternoon nap). The temperatures still hadn’t warmed much above 25, and by the time I headed out the door I only had around 2.5 hours to run before I needed to be at the farm. My plan was to run from our house to the farm, go up and down various side roads, and then make a loop north of the farm until I ran out of time.

Even though I needed to run as part of training, my secondary mission was to continue searching for our lost dog. I knew that being quiet and on foot, I was more likely to see paw prints, hear barking, or notice a sign of him we may have missed while driving.

So I left our house and ran roughly 8 miles to the farm. I went around our country blocks, ran past thawed streams that were beginning to gush water and called for Wellington anytime I saw dog tracks. I later realized this probably wasn’t the best idea because usually it just meant I got barked at or ambushed by neighbor’s dogs. 😦

As I approached 15 miles, I knew I needed to hurry back to the farm to begin feeding hungry calves. I was discouraged I hadn’t seen any promising signs of Welle. One unexpected blessing I took away from this run was a small sense of empowerment. Let me explain.

Normally when I set out on long runs, I always put in an ear bud and listen to my favorite songs or a podcast as I cover the long miles. On Saturday I ran fully “unplugged” as I didn’t want anything to distract me. Of course I know I’m capable of running without music, but this was definitely my longest run sans iPod. It just feels good (and empowering) to know I can do it. I covered the 15 miles @ 10:20 pace. Compared with the 16 miles I ran last weekend @ 10:18 pace I can at least say I’ve got the consistency thing down!

Muddy gravels roads and snowy fields provided the scenery on my long run

A question for all you experienced marathoners out there:

I planned on an 18 mile long run this weekend, but obviously it didn’t happen. Next week is a step back week of only 10, and I figure I should leave it as is. Then, I have one more long run before a 20 mile race – which I’ll treat as a training run – that I’m tentatively planning to do on April 16. I planned on 14-15 miles the weekend before the 20 miler, but now I’m wondering if I should try for 18 so I don’t have such a big jump to 20? (My longest run so far was 16 miles last weekend). Or, I could do 18 this coming weekend and move my step back run to the next weekend. Or, something else entirely. Thoughts?

 8 days and still looking for our lovable bulldog Wellington…

About Lisa

Hi, I'm Lisa. Dairy farmer's wife and Minnesotan to the core, I write about rural farm life, running down country roads, and the food, faith, and family that bind everything together. Follow along on my journey.
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10 Responses to Signs of New Life

  1. lifeisbeachykeen says:

    Man, 15 miles with out music? You are a trooper! Congrats on a great run!

    I’m sorry you still haven’t found Welle. Every time you post, I hope to see that you found him.

    Hopefully this week is the week he comes home.

    • Lisa says:

      Thanks Jena, I’m hoping so too. We got a call today from someone who saw a dog that “sort of” looked like him. They’d seen it yesterday so we couldn’t find it, but it gives me hope at least it could have been him and he’s still out there somewhere.

  2. Because of injury, I skipped right from 15 straight to 20 in marathon training, and while not ideal, it was fine!

    I think at a certain point, once you can run X number of miles, adding one or two or five isn’t really a huge deal anymore. Like, for me, the difference between running 5 and 7 miles when I first started out was HUGE…but now, the difference between 10 and 15 and 18 doesn’t really make me bat an eye, you know?

    • Lisa says:

      This does make sense; thanks for the dose of perspective Brie. (what I gather is I will probably survive however I decide to arrange these runs. 🙂 )

  3. Courtenay says:

    I have been running without music for months now. So much more “freeing.” I love it. I’ll never go back to music.

    I am so sorry you haven’t found him yet. I keep praying for you guys!!!

  4. sweatykid says:

    Shoot for 18 on the next long run, with the possibility in your mind that you can handle 20, too. I bet by the time you reach 18, you’ll say, “heck, another two miles to 20? Why not, I’ve already come this far…”

    Sending positive vibes into the universe for the pup to return home safely.

    • Lisa says:

      Sounds like a good plan! If I can handle 18 (or more) one weekend and then 20 the next, once I’ve tapered 26.2 should be no problem, right?? 🙂

  5. Heidi Nicole says:

    Possibly change that 16 miler over into a 18 milers and then head into the 20 miler? Honestly I think it will be more of a mental challenge to go from 16 to 20 than a physical challenge.

    Holy crap girl, you are almost up to 20 miles. That is only a 10K away from a full marathon! Excited?!

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