Training Tuesday

Greetings from Minnesota!

I didn’t give a running tales update yesterday, so when I saw that Kier @ Life and Running In Iowa had posted a Training Tuesday questionnaire, I decided I should hop on the bandwagon.

What event are you training for? Earth Day 1/2 Marathon OR Earth Day 20 Mile followed by Fargo Marathon (By next week I have told myself I will make a decision for sure about this!)

Date of event? Earth Day Races – April 16, Fargo – May 21

What does your training schedule look like this week? Well, my schedule is usually an approximation, but here’s what I’m thinking. Monday – easy weights/core (I’m still babying my neck, shoulders and back, so that’s why I say easy), Tuesday – 4 miles, Wednesday – probably rest or core work and stretching Thursday – 3-4 miles speed work, Friday – rest, Saturday – 8-9 miles, Sunday – short recovery run?

What is the temperature where you are right now? 15? (Way better than below zero :D)

And how cold is too cold to workout outdoors? Depends on the wind. I did a 5k and another few miles outside when it was -10 on Saturday, and it was ok because there was no wind. The next day the temps were warmer but it was a freezing wind which I don’t think I could have run in. I guess maybe -20 (with no wind) is the coldest I have ever run outside.

 Does your significant other ever workout with you? Not usually, unless you count farm work. We sometimes bike together in summer, but I’m so much slower than him it’s almost comical. (Poor J!)

What other events are on your list of must dos for 2011? No specific events, but I need to do a 10K sometime this year to fix my pathetic PR. I’ve only done one 10K race, and it was last July in about 90% humidity. I need to redeem myself! I’m sure I’ll also do some 5Ks when I can, and I definitely plan to set a new 5K PR in 2011.

Now answer these questions yourself, and link up on Kier’s blog.  (thanks Kier!)

About Lisa

Hi, I'm Lisa. Dairy farmer's wife and Minnesotan to the core, I write about rural farm life, running down country roads, and the food, faith, and family that bind everything together. Follow along on my journey.
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6 Responses to Training Tuesday

  1. Heidi Nicole says:

    I may or may not be stealing this list as well…I saw it over on Kier’s blog this morning and being a H&F’er myself I thought I’d steal it when I plopped down in front of my computer tonight. I have this thing where I’m addicted to Live Writer and can’t blog directly from wordpresse anymore…I’m weird!

    And for the record – I like to think I’m hardcore for my cold outdoor running but you are way hardcore-er than I am…my motivation to not be a baby! 🙂

    • Lisa says:

      Haha – I don’t know if I’m as hardcore as you think 🙂 Somedays I’ll be on the treadmill when it’s 20 degrees, and then outside when it’s -20 just based on how I feel. I’m still in awe of your ability to run so many laps on that indoor track!

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  3. Brit says:

    Fargo! Fargo!

    I think you should marathon…if not now, when?

    In all seriousness, I only think you should if you have the time to do it on terms that you would be happy with, but I know for me it was something I had to do sometime. Good luck with your decision!

  4. I can’t wait to hear your decision on Fargo!

    Doesn’t the wind make a huge difference? I agree with your comment about being able to run in -20 if there was no wind…but even above zero with wind can be unbearable!

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