Am I just imagining them?

Greetings from Minnesota my lovely readers! It’s snowing today (what’s new?) and the temp is hovering just above 0. They’re forecasting well below zero and -30 windchill this weekend, so we’re trying to prepare ourselves for the onslaught.

Especially at the farm, this kind of weather is no fun. We’re extra careful at monitoring our baby calves to make sure they stay warm enough, and we feed the youngest ones 1.5x their normal milk amount because they need the calories. (Actually we do that most of the winter, but it’s especially important in weather this frigid.)

It’s also critical to make sure we monitor water pipes, close doors and inside areas wherever we can, and check our manure system and pumps. When things freeze up, let’s just say it’s not fun. And who wants to be fixing in weather like that? By next week, I should have an official re-cap of just how cold it got.

Now it’s time to moan about my post title subject. Over the last week, I’ve been having lots of little aches and pains. After each of my runs, I record the mileage, time and a few comments about how it went. Here are a few excerpts from recent runs.

  • 1.8.2011 – 7.07 miles, treadmill – “felt tired at start, stopped every 2 miles to stretch tight right hamstring. Felt pretty good at end.”
  • 1.10.2011 – 3.1 miles, treadmill – “felt sluggish and right calf and left foot were sore on and off.”
  • 1.12.2911 – 4.57 miles, outside – “nice sunny day, sore left front top leg joint (sort of groin area). Also sore right leg behind knee. Still went well.”

Okay, am I falling apart or what? Normally I might have a sore or tight spot  to note a few times a month, but these past 3 runs have all involved some aliment. What’s even stranger is that it’s usually not the same areas. At the time they are definitely real sore spots, but by the next run usually the pain has migrated elsewhere.

I’m not too worried as long as these things clear up, but today my “left front top leg joint (sort of groin area)” is still feeling pretty stiff. It’s a kind of awkward area to ice or stretch, but I’m trying!

I hate to complain when I know there are plenty of people dealing with serious injuries, but I just feel like a nutcase. Am I partly imagine these aches and pains and letting my mind run wild?

In any event, I probably need to do more cross training. I’ll plan to take a few days off of running, and see how I feel Saturday. By that time it should be -30 windchill, just right for a nice outdoor jog. (Yeah right.) I’ll probably have to seek refuge on the treadmill.

Running Tales

Even though I already talked about it above, here’s a recap of yesterday. I normally don’t feel the need to justify my pace, but I have to add that this run wasn’t as slow as it looks. I had to take my time picking over ice, stomping snow off my shoes, and wading through a few sections of sidewalk where the snow was at least 6 inches deep.

I finally reached some quiet neighborhoods where I just ran in the melted off section in the middle of the road unless I saw a car coming. I hope I’m not giving runners a bad rep because I was careful – I promise!

Any aches and pains plaguing you (I hope not!)? Maybe the cold weather is just intensifying them?

About Lisa

Hi, I'm Lisa. Dairy farmer's wife and Minnesotan to the core, I write about rural farm life, running down country roads, and the food, faith, and family that bind everything together. Follow along on my journey.
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4 Responses to Am I just imagining them?

  1. Brit says:

    I hope that your aches and pains are nothing. I have been dealing with a “weird feeling” foot, not the (formerly) broken one, the other one, and debating whether it is something to worry about or not.

    I can’t imagine routinely going out to take care of animals at those frigid temperatures. I’m sure you have really warm gear to go out there in, but I can’t even imagine what type of hand covering I would use that would be warm yet allow for enough dexterity to get the job done…so what do you use?

    • Lisa says:

      Ha – that is the million dollar question 🙂 I honestly don’t have anything I love. I have about 3 pairs of medium weight, insulated gloves that I rotate through. I’m usually coming in and out of the barns from outside fairly often, so I can stop to warm up my hands when needed. I’ll also wear a thin (think $1 walmart cheap-o) pair of gloves under the regular pair sometimes. The real problem is when gloves get wet, and then I just need to get a fresh pair. It’s also inevitable that sometimes I must take off my gloves to get certain things done, and then I try to head back into the barn to re-warm my hands. I think mittens are the warmest, but it’s hard to do much with them on!

  2. KrisB says:

    As a born and raised Texas girl I cannot wrap my mind around -30!

    Hopefully your aches and pains clear themselves up soon. I’m still bothered by a tight IT band but it’s feeling better and better all the time.

    Stay warm!

  3. sweatykid says:

    Our weather is pretty similar to yours right now… -30 windchill, but a high of 4*F today. Kind of extreme, it usually doesn’t get this cold here. I can’t wait for it to get back into the 20’s-30’s next week!!! It’ll feel TROPICAL!

    I don’t think you’re crazy. I occasionally have weeks where I seem to be playing “pain whack-a-mole” and some new random worrisome pain pops up every day but goes away the next, only to pop up in a new place. I don’t worry about any individual pain unless it’s immediately debilitating or it sticks around for a few days. I hope your aches/pains subside. It’s a good time of year to be careful.

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