From A to Z; An Alphabet of Thanks

Greetings from Minnesota on this Thanksgiving Day. Bet you didn’t know that Minnesota is the #1 turkey producing state, did you? 🙂

I’ve been thinking about ideas for this post for a while because I truly believe we can never be thankful enough. If you look around, you’ll notice people with thankful hearts are happy regardless of what they have. People who are ungrateful, no matter how much they have, never seem to be satisfied.

No, I’m not actually sitting down on Thanksgiving to type this. Due to the magic of WordPress, I scheduled it to appear this morning. (A feature I’m thankful for!)

With that, I present to you my “alphabet” of thanks.

A = Animals ~ those raised to provide food to nourish us and the pets who provide companionship ~

B = Books ~ what can I say? I love to read ~

C = Chocolates and Candies ~ what can I say? I love sweets ~

D = Dreams ~ if you can dream, you can achieve ~

E = Education ~ all I learn, in and out of a classroom ~

F = Family and Friendship ~ the wonderful people in my life ~

G = God’s Grace ~ I am saved by grace ~

H = Holidays ~ a time to gather with those I love ~

I = iPhone ~ for capturing photos, hearing melodies, and staying connected ~

J = Joy ~ one of my favorite emotions ~

K = Kitchen ~ a place to cook, eat, and gather ~

L = Lemon ~ I love it all: from lemon pies to fresh lemon-scented dish soap ~

M = Marriage ~ a loving partner and gift for life ~

N = New Balance ~ my New Balance 758’s to be precise ~

O = Olives ~ black, green or garlic-stuffed; they pair with just about everything ~

P = Piano ~ and my parents for encouraging piano lessons ~

Q = Quiet ~ when solitude and rest is what you need ~

R = Running ~ I am grateful that I can ~

S = Senses ~ sound, sight, taste, touch, and smell ~

T = Troops ~ all those who serve, have served, or will serve ~

U = Uniqueness ~ all the variety in the world ~

V = Virtual Friends ~ those of you reading this right now ~

W = Water ~ life-giving and refreshing ~

X = Xersion ~ my favorite cropped running pants ~

Y = Yams ~ or sweet potatoes, whatever you want to call them ~

Z = Zebras ~ I just like them ~

While some of these letters were a bit tricky, this little exercise reminds me that I am blessed not matter how you look at it.

If you need a low-key activity after a big dinner, a crazy shopping outing, or the end of a busy weekend, take a few minutes to start your own list.

Happy Thanksgiving!

About Lisa

Hi, I'm Lisa. Dairy farmer's wife and Minnesotan to the core, I write about rural farm life, running down country roads, and the food, faith, and family that bind everything together. Follow along on my journey.
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