Let’s Talk Cows, Okay?

Greetings from Minnesota, where the sun in shining and it was a gorgeous 36 degrees this afternoon. (Did I get out for a leisurely run you ask? Eh, no. I spent some time muddling on the stationary bike and doing shoulder, ab, and leg exercises. More on that later.)

It’s been a few days since I’ve actually told any good cow tales, so I think it’s high time to get back to the stars of my blog. Naturally, I mean our bovines.

Meet 2268!

And yes, that’s my hand in front of her nose. I can be a dork when I like.  2268 is the lovely (and only) daughter of 1876 a.k.a. Sugar. If you don’t remember from a previous post, I included Sugar’s image below.

 2268 is nearly 3 years old, and she’s got one calf of her own. Her calf happens to be a heifer, so we’ve got 3 generations of the “Sugar Family.” Hopefully we can keep Sugar healthy and around the farm into old age to see another generation or two of her family.

When I walk through and look at the cows that fill our barns, I’m not going to pretend that I know the lineage and “who’s related to who” for every single one. Instead, I mostly try to keep the facts straight on who is due to calve next, who has been under the weather and who might need some extra checking on. We feed, milk and care for all our cows the very best we can, and there’s just always a few that I happen to know the history (and personality) of a little better than most.

Running Tales

Yesterday I did battle with the treadmill again. With the local track already partially covered in snow, I figure fast paces are safest to run on the good-old treadmill. I didn’t necessarily enjoy my run, but it wasn’t the machine’s fault. I gave myself 30:00 minutes to try to run 3.5 miles.

This wouldn’t have been bad if I’d just coasted along at an even 8:30-ish pace, but I instead did an easy 5 minute warm up followed but 2-3 minute intervals of faster pace mixed with recovery. By the time I hit 2.5 miles, I realized I had less than 8 minutes left to hit my 3.5 planned miles. So, I sucked it up and ran my last mile at about 7:40 pace and proceeded to feel like I may die when the belt was finally still.

In reality, this was a success. Fast runs hurt. I think they’re supposed to hurt, right? I pretty much know I wouldn’t have run a 7:40 mile at the end of 2.5 miles if I was on the track. So, I’m grateful to the treadmill. I don’t think it makes the pace less uncomfortable, but it keeps me from slacking off. It allows me to hit an honest pace and keep at it – as long as I can avoid pressing those little buttons on the display screen that slow things down.

I’m sure I sound like a crazy person who talks about the treadmill as though it’s a living  creature, but sometimes I think it just might be 😉

Today consisted of some light biking – indoor biking because I can be a hazard to moving and inanimate objects on an actual bike. I also did some weights and felt good about attempting to follow my own advice on consistent strength training. A long run is my hopeful plan for tomorrow.

Any questions about 2268 or 1876?

Do you run on a treadmill, and if so, do you feel like it can take on a life of its own?


About Lisa

Hi, I'm Lisa. Dairy farmer's wife and Minnesotan to the core, I write about rural farm life, running down country roads, and the food, faith, and family that bind everything together. Follow along on my journey.
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2 Responses to Let’s Talk Cows, Okay?

  1. sweatykid says:

    Treadmill isn’t my faaavorite way to run, but in a pinch I can still get into my “happy place.” And it is fun to see the mileage feedback and play different games with yourself, (like hitting 3.5 in 30′). The one thing that bothers me about them is I know that I’m supposed to bump up the incline to 1% or 2% to simulate wind resistance and get a more “real” approximation of my pace, but I never feel confident that it’s correct… I guess ANY method of estimating your pace (Garmin, MapMyRun, treadmill etc.) is always just that: an estimate!

    I wish I could relax/hang out with the cows. They seem so serene and calm.. but maybe that’s just the still photos…

  2. Brit says:

    Ahh…the treadmill. I will be doing treadmill runs more and more over the next few months as we have extremely short days in Indiana in the winter. I will try to drag Chris outside with me as often as possible, but many of my weekday runs will be inside until we spring ahead. Today we have 9 hours and 51 minutes of light, which I will spend for the most part in an office building.

    I play treadmill games sometimes. For a while I was playing “Let’s see how fast I can run 4 miles.” I haven’t played that game in a while though. Maybe I’ll pick it up again over the winter.

    Unlike SK, I am not worried about the pace equivalent. I mostly focus on perceived effort. I tend to run faster outside than I do on the treadmill anyway.

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