Blessings Are All Around Us

Greetings from sunny Minnesota. The weather has dried up, the sun peeked out, and this afternoon was a breezy 38 degrees.

Today I said a little prayer of thanks when I got to the farm because I was so grateful the rain/snow combo is past and the wind is letting up. I’ll be brutally honest and tell you that during windy, miserable weather I find it very hard to be thankful for my farm life. It’s easy to feel downright sorry for myself as I think of all the people with “regular” jobs who get to be cozy in their warm homes about the time I start my farm chores.

It’s scary how simple it can be to imagine that everyone is living this ideal life except you. Self-pity comes soon after this thought, and then you’re on a one-way street to … no where good. Why is the grass always greener just beyond the fence? I actually am the annoying member of my family who is usually joyfully annoying everyone with the news that we should always give thanks for what we have. If you’ve got food on the table and a roof over your head, you’re very blessed indeed. While I truly believe that, it still doesn’t means it’s always easy to feel thankful. 

This late afternoon the sun lifted my spirits and the lack of rain kept my clothes dry. My brain was able to realize I’d been overly dreary these last few days, and I needed to stop and look at my blessings. Without the farm I wouldn’t have gorgeous views like these when the sun finally does come out.

These pictures are actually a few weeks old (we don’t have that many leaves on the trees anymore) but I figured they fit well here!

Without the farm I also wouldn’t have wide open spaces for my dog to play or the everyday necessity of stretching my legs and working my muscles without even giving a thought to the fact that it’s exercise. I would miss out on the almost daily miracle of birth, which I  take for granted too often. Plus, how many spouses actually have jobs that let them spend time together?

In spite of complaining about the weather and moaning at the outdoors for being “too humid” or “too windy” or too extreme in every direction, the variation of seasons and temperature is even something I like. 

Moral of the story for me is this passage.

Running Tales

Another thing I was pleased with today was my nice, easy run. After my epic battle with the treadmill yesterday I should have just hopped on the bike, but I decided a few easy miles outside sounded way more fun. 2.20 miles is hardly worth showing a chart for, but I do want to point something out. See my pace for mile 3 (or in reality the last .2)? I did a decent job of keeping the pace easy, but I think I’ve successfully trained my body to finish strong. I didn’t even feel like I picked up the pace that much, but I suppose it’s almost more of an unconscious thing. Maybe my legs will remember that during my next race??

Take a minute to look around you… what are some of the blessings you’ve been taking for granted lately?

About Lisa

Hi, I'm Lisa. Dairy farmer's wife and Minnesotan to the core, I write about rural farm life, running down country roads, and the food, faith, and family that bind everything together. Follow along on my journey.
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One Response to Blessings Are All Around Us

  1. sweatykid says:

    Thanks 🙂 for the reminder to appreciate the little (and big!) things.

    And getting excited about working outside in tough weather takes some real grit. Props to you for maintaining such a positive outlook about it.

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