Conquering the Living Room and the Treadmill

Greetings from chilly Minnesota. The 40 mph winds continue, and it’s actually kind of miserable out. I talked to a friend a few hours north of me, and they got 6 inches of snow at their farm. I’m thankful we didn’t get that, as I just don’t think I’m ready for winter yet.

Luckily for the spoiled canines at the farm, they are welcome indoors 🙂 My in-laws have two dogs, and we’ve got Wellington. The hubs brings Welle with him on the short drive to the farm everyday, and when I arrive after work usually a flying white bundle of paws and wagging tail is waiting for me. Except if the weather is nasty. Then all the dogs prefer to hole up inside. They have a healthy toleration for each other, though Welle is in trouble when the two older dogs decide to put him in his place.

And here in the living room are the “farm dogs” I see! Wellington enjoys claiming the dog bed and is blissfully unaware that a large dog does not fit well in a bed made for a (pudgy) Dachshund. Somehow I wasn’t surprised when Welle didn’t follow me as I noisily clomped outdoors in my boots and multiple layers to feed calves.

It’s been too dark and wet to get any pictures of the aforementioned hole in the roof of our back barn, but it actually doesn’t look that exciting. It’s just a spot where the builders apparently didn’t use quite enough nails, or something. The biggest disaster was picking up the loose insulation that blew around, but everything should be fixed fairly soon.

Running Tales

I haven’t posted any cool running stats for a while, and I don’t have a cool chart for today either. That’s because I decided the wind sucked (or maybe blew is the correct term 😉 Ok, bad joke). I opted for the treadmill. If you asked me if I liked running on the treadmill, I would say no. Actually, I am saying no.

To avoid exclusively running indoors in winter, I generally alternate braving the snow and cold temps with the treadmill. But I just don’t like wind! And the treadmill isn’t windy. I also find it exceeding good for a little something called speed work. While it should be easy to just crank down the pace when I get tired, I actually get caught up in a miniature battle with the evil machine and refuse to back off the pace until I’ve reached the appointed interval. It’s not like running on the track where I hardly notice when I slow down for a bit. The treadmill “knows” if I slow down, and I just don’t want to let it win. In my small way, I’m grateful for this battle.

Today’s run involved setting the treadmill to 34 minutes because that’s about how much time I figured I had. My brain conjured up this vague idea of getting in 4 miles. I did a few minutes warm-up and then started doing 2 to 3 minutes at around 8:00/mile pace with 1 minute recovery. About the time the treadmill was showing 2.9-something miles complete, I realized I only had 8 minutes left of my 34. I needed to get my butt moving if I had a prayer of hitting my 4 mile target. It was an arbitrary target, but I did NOT want to let the evil machine win. I was already tired because I’d been messing with the incline throughout my run, but so what? I gritted my teeth, set the pace to 7:53 and suffered through the last mile. 4.03 miles in 34 minutes, or just under 8:30 pace. So there.

Now, why is it that I can run a 7:53 mile after 3 miles of exertion, but I couldn’t manage sub-8:00 pace at my 5K earlier this month? Yeah, I’m still a bit bummed about that. I do realize the treadmill keeps the pace for me, so maybe it’s cheating? Anyway, today I conquered and won.

How do you feel about treadmills? Do you battle with them? Is the new blog layout easier to read and navigate? I’m still on the fence about it…

About Lisa

Hi, I'm Lisa. Dairy farmer's wife and Minnesotan to the core, I write about rural farm life, running down country roads, and the food, faith, and family that bind everything together. Follow along on my journey.
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3 Responses to Conquering the Living Room and the Treadmill

  1. sweatykid says:

    Treadmills definitely throw me for a loop, but I do appreciate the option when the weather is tough. I get caught up in the paces too. Whenever that happens, I try to take the ‘mill paces with a grain of salt — and console myself with the idea that without the wind resistance and with the belt moving below you, it’s never an exact simulation of outdoor running anyway. Still, it’s definitely a great training tool and a neat diversion to try and hit xx miles in xx minutes!

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  3. Brit says:

    I am the oddball who doesn’t mind the treadmill all that much. Lately I have been opting for outdoor runs, but I will probably log hundreds of treadmill miles after the days get short and the streets get icy.

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