She’s a Pretty Cow

Greetings from Minnesota. I don’t know what the temp is right now, and I’m probably not going to check. Hope you can handle the suspense.

Do you see her? 2057? Isn’t she gorgeous?

If you’ve never seen a cow up-close, you may not realize how unique they really are. 2057 is definitely a classy cow. When I’m in the back part of the barn checking for calves I’ll look for her because she lives in pen 5 next to the maternity pen.

She isn’t a super friendly cow, but she will come up to you if you’re patient. Here she is in the milking parlor.

Why do I think she’s pretty? Well, for some reason I usually feel mostly black cows are a bit more sleek and classy than mostly white cows. Also, she’s got such a lovely lightning-bolt-like white stripe. Many black cows either have more of a white blaze or a white triangle. See below.

White Blaze (cow looking at us on left); White Triangle (calf on right)

I think yet another reason why I really like 2057 is because she reminds me of my lovely 971 “Libby” cow. While growing up, I showed dairy cattle at 4-H and FFA dairy shows. We (my parents and sisters) still sometimes show at area shows, though my husband’s family never really has. 

Have you ever been to a fair and seen kids leading around freshly washed and clipped cows for a judge? That was me! Libby was one of my “show girls.” She isn’t alive anymore, but here’s a picture of me leading a younger Libby in the show ring, #94. Sorry for the poor picture quality; I realize I have very few photos in digital format prior from my younger days.

 Then, an older Libby a few years ago at my parent’s farm.

Why does all this matter? That’s hard to say.

Maybe I want to plant the idea in your mind, if you ever overhear someone say “What a cow” as they quickly dart their eyes at you, that they mean you are lovely and sleek. Just like 2057 and 971 Libby. 

Maybe I just didn’t feel like being particularly practical tonight. Maybe because I had to work late (again, at my 9-5ish) and didn’t get home until later. This led to not going to the farm until late tonight, so I don’t really have any daily tales to relate. Who can really say?

No running tales for tonight. They’ll be back in force on Friday though…

Now for an opinion poll. Who is better looking, 2057 or Libby?


About Lisa

Hi, I'm Lisa. Dairy farmer's wife and Minnesotan to the core, I write about rural farm life, running down country roads, and the food, faith, and family that bind everything together. Follow along on my journey.
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4 Responses to She’s a Pretty Cow

  1. sweatykid says:

    What DEE-vine BO-vines!

    2057 definitely seems to have a more regal bone structure than Libby, but it borders on sharp and pointy, whereas Libby’s seems softer and more feminine. That might just be the camera angle though, in which case, Tyra Banks might recommend that 2057 try to soften up her hard features.

    Their facial markings seem so similar!

  2. Brit says:

    2057 sure is a nice looking cow, I agree. Last summer at our county fair, I was noticing how some of the cows were definitely better looking than others. I guess it makes sense, most people judge certain dogs and cats as being more attractive than others, why not cows?

    Speaking of showing cows, at the fair this summer I noticed that all of the kids showing cows were wearing white clothing. It didn’t really make sense to me since they were walking around in mud with cows. I noticed that you were wearing light colored clothes (possibly white) when you were showing Libby. Why is that?

    • Lisa says:

      White is just the traditional color to wear. If I find any exact history I’ll have to post about it. You’re “supposed” to wear white to show dairy cows, but it’s so hard to keep clean that a lot of people have moved to just wearing white jeans and then a colored shirt. (It is usually super hard to find white jeans though, grr.) Yes, I am wearing all white in the picture.

  3. Jess says:

    I love this! Yes, cows can be VERY pretty. 😉

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