Where am I, Hawaii?

Honestly – the current high is projected at 84 today?!? Greetings from unnaturally warm Minnesota. While I do enjoy cool fall days of wearing sweatshirts and drinking extra mugs of hot coffee, I’ll just enjoy this heat wave God had in mind while it lasts.

Last night, I was comfy in jeans and a t-shirt after the sun went down, which is weird for me in fall. It did cool down eventually and is in the low 50’s right now.
Because I still do not have many good photos of combining corn (sorry all), I’m going to continue postponing an in-depth post about it. I will say that combining corn involves using a large machine called a combine to harvest the ears of corn and shell off the kernels. Details to come…

Instead, I think I’ll talk about the pretty lady in this photo. Meet 1876, a.k.a. Sugar. It works well to identify cows by number so we can easily read their tag to see who they are, and it also makes it easier to track each cow in our dairy computer program. Some get nicknames, but even most of my favorites cows go by their number. Sugar is a 4-year-old Jersey/Holstein crossbred cow. Her dam (mother) is Holstein and her sire (father) is a Jersey bull. You probably notice that most of the cows in my pictures are black and white. That’s the Holstein breed.

Sugar looks more like a Jersey than a Holstein with her grey muzzle and reddish ears and back. Jerseys are also smaller than Holsteins so Sugar is shorter than a lot of our other cows. However, she has a boss cow personality. Cows definitely have a hierarchy;  some cows are leaders while others are followers.  While I like all of our cows, and some of them cooperate a lot better than this one, Sugar is still one of my favorites.

Look in the photo, and you’ll see she has the strange habit of sitting backwards in her stall. She lives in our freestall barn, where the cows have access to stalls to lie in or they can be up walking around or eating and drinking. When 1876 lies down, she backs into the stall so that her head is facing out in the aisle. Notice how the cow next to her is facing the right direction?

I like to snap pictures when I see her, what can I say?

Running – As for running stats, I had a nice easy run yesterday. I am 100% sure the mile splits are off. I thought I kept a fairly even, easy pace the whole run and toward the end, it started telling me I was running 12:00 min/miles. Highly unlikely, but I still sped up a bit. The resulting splits are wonky, as I said RunKeeper sometimes is. I would guess the 10:00 min/mile average pace is about right so I’m not going to stew anymore.

So here I sit early on Saturday, and I’ve got the whole morning to attack our yard and get in a run before I head to the farm later today. J’s got to go to the farm soon because of all the harvest jazz going on. I think I may skip the run. I’m trying the dreaded “listen to my body” approach to running lately, and I probably shouldn’t run. My sinuses tell me they may explode if I do. But, on my short little run yesterday I actually felt more cleared out after. I always find it so challenging to figure out exercise if I’ve got a killer cold. I might feel better if I go out for the run, but I’ll probably slow down recovery if I push myself too hard. Luckily farm work, like feeding and milking cows and harvesting corn, is non-negotiable. So, you just do it 🙂

Are you getting a heat wave where you are? Enjoy the weekend!

About Lisa

Hi, I'm Lisa. Dairy farmer's wife and Minnesotan to the core, I write about rural farm life, running down country roads, and the food, faith, and family that bind everything together. Follow along on my journey.
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5 Responses to Where am I, Hawaii?

  1. lifeisbeachykeen says:

    Sadly our cool weather is going away. It’s still cool this morning but in the afternoon it’s supposed to get into the high 80s. Next week is back up in the HOT category. Boo. I really enjoyed sleeping w/ our windows open this week. Maybe our power bill won’t be so astronomical.

    Have a good weekend!

  2. Cassie says:

    Warm here, too, but then we live in MN as well! So fun to read your blog. I love your outlook and your commitment to working hard. We’re no longer involved in the farming scene, but this past week has made me so happy for the farmers. We took the kids out to the back yard this morning to watch the surrounding corn field be combined – the kind farmer even stopped to give our lil’ Jack-Jack a ride! Enjoy your weekend!

  3. sweatykid says:

    Oof, I struggle with the listening to my body, too (“to run or not to run?” when I’m feeling crummy and exhausted). When in doubt, a day off is never going to hurt you. Especially since you have such a (comparatively) active lifestyle with the farm — sounds like you’re always going to have at least some kind of movement with all the farm work + yard work you’re into here! Hope the sinuses chill out soon — enjoy those nice high temps.

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