A Fall Favorite, Squash

Greetings from Minnesota! I’m about ready to put the kibosh on this temperature reporting business. At first, I thought it was fun and a possible point of interest for people who live nowhere near Minnesota. Except I never know whether to report the morning temp, the current temp, the daily high – ah the decisions. So, should I keep the daily temp?

To force another decision on you, you’ll see that I created a little string of categories off to the right and organized my posts. The problem is that most posts fall into multiple categories, and I’m not entirely sure it’s helpful to have a post listed in 4 of them. Do you like the categories? Any I should add, delete, or re-name? Maybe I should break up the “cows” category into some different sections?

Now then, I’ll get on with my actual update for today. In my “about” section, I say I enjoy trying to cook. This is true. While my blog is far from a cooking blog, I figure any good farmer should at least occasionally talk about preparing food. I wanted to start with some more dairy-related dishes, but right now squash is on my mind. Enter – the butternut squash. We planted a few vegetables ourselves, but both of our moms are gracious about providing us with produce too. (A farm is a great place to have a garden.) 

I only baked half of this beauty, and I saved the other half for sometime next week. Even the color looks like fall. By way of a recipe:

  • Bake until soft and squash-like
  • Spoon squash out of shell/rind into a serving bowl
  • Eat while still warm with a generous amount of butter (a great dairy product)

I’m not much of a recipe person. I like to read recipes books and blogs for ideas, but I would guess 75% of what we make is done sans-recipe. My husband is generally a better cook than me, and I’ve learned a lot more about herbs and good flavor combinations from him too. I also broiled some chicken with onion, parsley and butter. My food photography skills aren’t so good, so I’ll refrain from posting something that looks unappetizing. My tip for cooking chicken is to always make enough for leftovers.

A cool morning today helped me through my long run. It went well, I felt well, and I came away with yet another new realization of how beautiful God’s creation is. Total miles for the week = about 21. Right where I hoped to be.

Don’t forget to comment on my daily temp and new categories if you have thoughts. Thanks!

About Lisa

Hi, I'm Lisa. Dairy farmer's wife and Minnesotan to the core, I write about rural farm life, running down country roads, and the food, faith, and family that bind everything together. Follow along on my journey.
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2 Responses to A Fall Favorite, Squash

  1. lifeisbeachykeen says:

    I think you should continue to comment on the weather, that is “part” of your blog. Something that makes your blog unique from others, and something that is a continuous.

    I like the “Greetings from Minnesota, it’s ___ today.”

    I like blogs that have a constant something to them.. Mine doesn’t, but I like blogs that have it.

    As far as the categories, I also like blogs that have categories so If i’m looking for something particular I can pick and choose through the categories. I read several blogs that have several tags for a particular post.

    A Mexican pasta dish could go under mexican food, or pasta.

    Glad you had a great long run! Are you training for anything in particular or just maintenance?

    • Lisa says:

      Thanks for your thoughts Jena! I will work on refining the categories a bit, but I’ll definitely keep them. As for races, I just plan to do a 5k sometime this fall. I’d have liked to do a 1/2, but it’s hard to be away too many weekends during fall harvest. I’ve already got several weekends I’m gone for other things, but hopefully I’ll run something longer in the spring.

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