Wellington the Bulldog

Greetings from beautiful Minnesota! Now that I’ve written these last few posts at night instead of early morning, I don’t really know what temperature to report. So, lets just say it reached almost 75 today, and it was beautiful.        

If you’ve stopped by and read my “about” section yet, you know that we have a dog. A 2-year-old American Bulldog who either likes to be going 100 mph or sprawl out and sleep like a sloth. He does have an in-between stage, but it’s rare that we see it. We got him at about 6 weeks old (cradle robbers that we are) from a couple with around 13 American Bulldog puppies. I think this sweet pose is from his first night with us just over 2 years ago… (Yes, he is totally sitting on my stomach as I took this picture)        

Baby Wellington

We both REALLY wanted a puppy, but I was so nervous that we would screw up on his training, house breaking, etc and end up with a monster dog. But, a farm needs a dog, and even though my in-laws already had 3 dogs, we still wanted one.

We did our research, talked a lot and then promptly came home with Wellington after our first visit to look at puppies. Turns out God was smiling on us, helped us make a good choice, and my fears were mostly unfounded 😉 While he is energetic, he also usually listens, sits well and does ok on walks. Normally he runs around at the farm all day, so we don’t walk him on a regular basis anyhow.

He’s tired when he gets home at night too! He isn’t a good running partner yet – though I have tried – because squirrels and rabbits are just too tempting. Maybe once he’s a bit older and wiser?        

He also has a host of nicknames. Maybe because we gave him such a long, distinguished name? Welle, Polar Bear Wellington, Well-dog. I think I’ll stop now before I say something that sounds way too weird to be, well, normal.        

Want to take a little trip down memory lane with me and see some of Wellington’s finest moments?        

First walk – I think this was more of a photo op that an actual walk!        

He loves car rides, playing outside, helping feed calves, and hanging out on the dock.        



Occasions like Christmas or just hanging out are always good.        

Lest you think he isn’t a “snow dog” – here he is prowling around.        

This photo-intensive thing is taking awhile, so I’ll close with what is one of the funnier photo sequences I’ve seen. My talented husband took these this summer, back when I was bleach blonde.        


All is well at the farm, and the weather looks (knock on wood) like it should continue to stay dry and make farmers happy. As a fitting end to this post, do you have a dog (or maybe instead it’s a cat, iguana or pot-belly pig)? Name? Pertinent details you wish to share?

About Lisa

Hi, I'm Lisa. Dairy farmer's wife and Minnesotan to the core, I write about rural farm life, running down country roads, and the food, faith, and family that bind everything together. Follow along on my journey.
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8 Responses to Wellington the Bulldog

  1. sweatykid says:

    Wow, what a handsome pup. It feels weird to call a dog handsome… but he is. I (well, my parents) have a lab/pit bull mix. Most people hear “pit bull” and recoil at the thought, but she’s adorable and really smart and sweet. We also had snakes when I was younger, for my brother’s benefit. One of them escaped into the house for MONTHS and we figured that he’d died in the walls somewhere. But lo and behold, there he was slithering across the floor one day after having gone rogue on his own. My brother was ecstatic that this return of the prodigal snake, so he picked him up and put him back in the cage. The snake died a week later. Good story…

    • Lisa says:

      That is a good story – it totally made me laugh! However, I could NEVER have a pet snake; my fear of them is totally irrational.

      I also think Wellington is pretty handsome. Bulldogs, pit bulls, etc can definitely get a bad rep, but I also find them to be smart and sweet if properly trained 🙂

  2. lifeisbeachykeen says:

    I pink puffy heart Wellington, he is so so cute! I think he and Wyatt could be friends if you lived a little closer!

    You already know about my 2 babies.. We have a whole host of names for Diva.. Divy Belle, Belle, Sissy, Diva girl..

    We call Wyatt, Bubba, or Bubby..

    I am loving your new blog! I am slightly behind in reading, for some reason it is not e-mailing me when you update, I need to figure that out!

  3. Lisa says:

    I think our dogs could totally be friends too – just wish we weren’t half a country apart.
    I wonder if the email thing is something I have to set up? I’ll have to look around WordPress more. I am still learning. Most of the blogs I follow I just have under “my subscriptions” and the updates show up. This is better for me because I get too many emails!

  4. Brit says:

    Wellington is so cute! I especially like his baby pictures, they make me think that I want another puppy!

    We have two pups, I think you know about them, Duke the Mastiff and Tacia the Border Collie. They also have a long list of names:

    Duke: Dukis, Dukie-Duke, Puppy, Dukie-Poopie (came about after an “accident”), Dukie-Pukey (a different sort of “accident”), and Dummy (he is actually really smart, this is more in the context of “Dummy brought another frog into the house.”).

    Tacia (tay-sha): Wiggles (she wiggles her butt when she is excited), Wiggs, Squiggly Wiggly Girl, Squiggs, The Wiggle Girl.

    Yeah, no shortage of weird names here…

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