Baby Bottles

Greetings from overcast 49 degree Minnesota.

No – I haven’t mysteriously acquired a baby (my H and I don’t have any kids yet) or started working for a daycare. I’m actually talking about baby calf bottles – lots of them! We use bottles to feed all the milk to calves, morning and evening. We used to use bottles for just the  first 3 – 4 days for each calf and then switch to a pail  until they got weaned – about 8 weeks of age.  

We like using bottles better, as it seems easier for calves to eat because they suck from the bottle a lot like they would suck from their mom’s udder. Bottles are also easier to collect, wash and sanitize. Anything that does a good job and saves a bit of time is 100% ok in my book! Each calf still learns how to drink from a bucket because we use buckets for water. Last night it was  misting, but I shielded my phone from the elements to get a few “action” shots for you.

 Our gator – we use it to haul bottles to the hutches and gather them up again. It’s only broken down once, and my arms were screaming at me from carrying the bottle racks by hand for just a few days. I’m either a wimp, I’ve been slacking on strength training or more than likely, both. The blue trays fit into our sanitizer and have individual spots for each bottle nipple.

A calf enjoying her bottle! She’s got sand under her feet –  which is a little wet from the rain – but at least it keeps things from getting too muddy.

I do feel a bit sheepish for complaining about the rain, because we’ve gotten  just enough to make thing wet and muddy – less than an inch. Many places in Southern Minnesota got over 10 inches in the last day, and there is terrible flooding, road closures and the governor declared an emergency earlier today. Say a quick prayer for the people of Southern Minnesota.

The rain didn’t keep me away from my running shoes, and I got in 4 miles at 9:27 pace. Lately it seems like 4 miles – instead  of 3 – has become my new “normal” distance during the week, with some longer run(s) on the weekend. Maybe it’s just the cooler temps taking effect?  At any rate, my feet are happy in the fall weather (and the leaves are actually starting to make it look like fall too!)

My beloved New Balance 758s can handle rain or shine!


Have you ever fed a baby animal (any kind) with a bottle? What kind and when?

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Hi, I'm Lisa. Dairy farmer's wife and Minnesotan to the core, I write about rural farm life, running down country roads, and the food, faith, and family that bind everything together. Follow along on my journey.
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