Procrastination, anyone?

Greetings from beautiful 46 degree Minnesota.

I should add a little note about my daily temperature readings – I take them early each morning by looking at the thermometer outside our window or at the temperature reading on my car. I will definitely get warmer than 46 today, so don’t get the impression it’s already super cold here!

First off, I want to share a little about my non-traditional running schedule. In addition to long weekend runs and forcing myself to get up for early morning runs if I must,  I am frequently a “lunch-time runner.” I work in a small office in a good area to run (and nobody is super fussy if I’m a sweaty mess for a bit after a run either 🙂 . So I take a few lunch hours per week to run if I can.

Yesterday I did a 4-miler in beautiful weather at lunch, and I just had to share a few pictures.

I think the teeny little red cabin in the second picture is just about the cutest thing I have ever seen. And, you can already see that some leaves are starting to change in the other photo.

I’ll bet you’re starting to wonder why this post mentions procrastination in the title, huh? Well, I guess I’ll get to the point. I try to do my best taking care of day-to-day things, but sometimes I will leave things on my mental to-do list for a long time.

Normally I go to the farm after work and feed milk to the baby calves, take care of the day’s new calves and help my husband with anything that needs finishing. This makes it hard to get much extra done at night, other than supper, dishes and other necessities. Last night there weren’t any new calves and there wasn’t anything pressing for me to help with. (and we’d had a super long night finishing silage last night too.) So I went straight home after work and it was perfect weather for yard work. I knew one of the projects I needed to do – plant my rosebush!

 I’d gotten this on my birthday – July 11 – and it’s been sitting in its pot in the yard waiting to get planted ever since. Oops… I haven’t been actively avoiding planting it, but I just got so used to it sitting in its pot that I keep forgetting. Here it is in its new home.

It had a lot more flowers when I got it, so hopefully I didn’t do it long-term damage by waiting to plant it for so long. I’ll probably need to add more mulch tonight. I don’t have a super green-thumb, but I like to try. Here’s hoping it survives my procrastination.

What small or large tasks have you been putting off for a while?

Finally, join me in a cheer for the Minnesota Twins! I am a life-long fan, and they clinched the AL Central title last night when they won against Cleveland and the White Sox lost to Oakland. Yay Twins.

About Lisa

Hi, I'm Lisa. Dairy farmer's wife and Minnesotan to the core, I write about rural farm life, running down country roads, and the food, faith, and family that bind everything together. Follow along on my journey.
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3 Responses to Procrastination, anyone?

  1. shelby says:

    46?! Color me jealous. We still have highs in the 90s (and lows in the 60s/70s) down here in NC.

    I will admit I have been totally putting off getting a job since we moved. I have an interview on Friday though. If only I could be a trophy wife. 🙂

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