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A Lengthy Sunday

Some days have a way of lingering on while I do odds and ends, but other days charge forward so fast I wonder where the hours go. This is especially true when I’m doing morning or evening calf chores solo. … Continue reading

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Our Calf Gets a Name

Over the last three weeks I’ve watched “little Etta” grow and learn, but I still haven’t given her a name! I got a great name suggestion by email earlier this week, and it reminded me it was time to decide. … Continue reading

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Henrietta Plus Two

Before I went home last night I walked through pen five, just as I usually do. Pen five houses our close-up cows. “Close-up” meaning they are close to their due date to give birth. I didn’t see any new calves … Continue reading

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The Birthday Girls

In the world of baby calves, a single birth is the norm. Twins also come along, and they may account for 5% or more of births depending on the farm. I’ve even heard of triplets, but we’ve never had any … Continue reading

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Tales of Summers Past

We’re in the thick of June. Summer is beckoning, and the days are long, warm, and lazy. Ok; they’re not exactly lazy. But sometimes I imagine they are! Lately lots of small things have been reminding me of past summers. … Continue reading

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